Nonstandard decoration, new house to old house

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The decoration is not standard, and the new house becomes an old house

on the morning of March 2, Mr. Chang called the hotline and said that he handed over the new house to green house before the new year × Decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. decorated, but after the decoration of the new house, most of the ceiling paint fell off and became an "old house"

Mr. Chang said that in August last year, he bought a new house at haihuaju, the world garden near OCT, and spent nearly 900000 yuan. After that, Mr. Chang contacted Shenzhen green × Decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd. contracted the decoration to the company. The contract stipulates that the project will be handed over on October 26th, 2004, but the contract expires, but the house has not been decorated, and the ceiling on the aisle in the house has begun to fall off in a large area. "I wanted to have a new house so that the family could have a happy new year, but unexpectedly, this kind of heartwarming thing happened again, which affected the good mood of the family for the new year." Mr. Chang said that according to the contract, green × The company has delayed the construction period and has to pay 400 yuan a day, otherwise he will seek justice through legal channels

after receiving Mr. Chang's complaint, the reporter immediately went to the World Garden opposite the window of the world and saw Mr. Chang's new house in haihuaju. Just entering the door, the reporter saw the ceiling paint falling on the ground, a mess. The paint on the ceiling has fallen off in a large area, which is extremely incompatible with the new house. Mr. Chang took down the ultra-thin TV on the TV wall, and several black eyes appeared on the wall. Mr. Chang said, "it takes nails to hang the TV. The decorators made several holes in the wall for more than an hour. There must be something wrong with their technology." Mr. Chang pointed out that the paint on the wall is uneven, and the color of the wallboard paint and the supporting sofa is also different

the decoration company argued that the lack of project funds led to the delay of construction period

green × Manager Feng of the company told reporters that this house is not very Mr. Wang's, but his sister's house entrusted him with the decoration. Since the construction, Mr. Chang has been in debt for the project. The decoration of the house was not completed, but Mr. Chang's family moved in. Originally, the ceiling had to be painted three times, but it was only once. Chang's family moved in and changed the lock of the room. The decorators couldn't go in, delaying the construction period. On January 31 this year, the company also specially sent a letter to Mr. Chang, asking him to continue the decoration and ask him to pay the project money. Manager Feng said that Mr. Chang only gave more than 30000 yuan to the contract price of more than 40000 yuan stipulated in the contract. Manager Feng said that the decoration of Mr. Chang's new house has not been completed, and the company can continue to send workers to do it. If there are problems in the decoration, the company is responsible for the maintenance at any time. However, the project funds owed by Mr. Chang should also be settled, otherwise the company should also solve it through legal means




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