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In this era, if paint enterprises want to have a good development, they must grasp the market demand, and then formulate corresponding measures in order to win, better and longer-term development and survival. If an enterprise always blindly follows the trend, it has no future

in the past few years, the development of the high-end market has been stagnant due to its small demand and the low level of social consumption. As the market demand for high-end coatings continues to expand, the development space of high-end coating enterprises is also gradually expanding. The expansion of the high-end market will lead high-end enterprises to develop faster. At this time, high-end coating enterprises can take advantage of the momentum, seize the needs of high-end consumers, and seize the opportunities in the high-end market

the word "low carbon and environmental protection" has become a concept and goal in people's daily life and work. With the advent of the era of low-carbon economy, low-carbon life is increasingly valued by people, and the paint market will also favor new, reasonable and high value-added products. In addition, with the introduction of the strictest environmental protection law and the rampant haze weather in major cities, the topic of environmental protection has always been the focus of discussion, and people's awareness of environmental protection is also gradually increasing. As the top priority of home decoration, the environmental protection of coatings has been paid more and more attention, and the market of environmental protection coatings is also expanding. In the face of huge potential consumer groups, industry insiders believe that coating enterprises need to break the mindset, re position their products in the market, cope with market changes, grasp the consumption demand characteristics of green consumers, truly grasp market opportunities and win profits

in addition to connecting with the Internet era, coating enterprises must also do a good job in innovation. On the road of innovation, coating enterprises should first establish a technological innovation mechanism that adapts to the market economic system, concentrate their information, science and technology, design, research, etc., and establish a technological research and development center to realize the rational allocation of resources; At the same time, pay attention to marketing, timely understand market information and user needs, and realize the effective connection between technological innovation and the market

in a word, if coating enterprises want to survive in the market, they must find out the market demand, do a good job in innovation, and then adjust the strategic layout




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