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The door is like a person's face. If the choice of doors is not coordinated with the indoor and outdoor collocation, the decoration effect will be greatly reduced, and even "face loss"

for example, the decoration of parents' brand, which makes netizens everywhere helpless to laugh at themselves, was originally a simple European home decoration, but a Chinese red door

take a good look at the pink and tender wallpaper, and suddenly a Chinese red wooden door is matched with European bedding. The painting style is really strange

this is actually caused by the old-fashioned thinking in choosing the door

in fashion home furnishing, from the perspective of home decoration designers, the selection of wood doors mainly follows three principles:

first, the door is the same color as the kitchen door

second, the shape of the door should be consistent with the decoration style of the room

third, the color of the door should match the color of the wall, the ground and the soft decoration of furniture reasonably

the same color can make the same luxury as the kitchen door. Generally, wooden doors are selected for room doors, while aluminum wooden doors or aluminum alloy doors are selected for kitchen and bathroom doors. Wood doors and aluminum alloy doors have different color cards, so the risk of color difference is difficult to avoid. When the color of the door is inconsistent with that of the kitchen and bathroom door, it will make the home have an obvious sense of disharmony and cheapness

the solution is: the room adopts the new standard aluminum wood door, the kitchen and bathroom door adopts the same color new standard Kemei aluminum alloy swing door, and the new standard aluminum wood wallboard. Or the most convenient and fast way: the new label "aluminum wood decoration", the whole house customization integration, the same color and luxury, save time and worry

the cool and warm color of the door is coordinated with the living environment: when the living environment is warm, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the door; When the living environment is cold, you should choose a lighter door

the color of the door should be coordinated with that of the furniture: the door should be close to the color of the furniture, the classmate should try to keep consistent with the taoya pass, and there should be corresponding contrast with the color of the wall

the color of the door and the ground should be coordinated: the color of the ground should be consistent with that of the door (such as cold and warm), but it is best not to be consistent. Prevent the ground from being confused with the wall, and weaken the sense of room space

relationship between door and space and light: for rooms with large space or sunny, you can choose darker door, which can create a more calm atmosphere. If the space is narrow or the lighting is weak, you can choose light color door such as white

the relationship between the door and the floor reflects the division and extension of space. Six examples of color matching between door and floor, with dark floor, medium floor, light floor and dark door, light door cross matching, to create a different room atmosphere. What style do you like

new standard aluminum wood decoration

parents help decorate. As children, we can't be shopkeepers completely, otherwise it's not worth the loss if we pretend to disagree and cause family conflicts. I still have to control my own style

if you make customized furniture first and then decorate it, you can tell the designer what kind of door you like and ask the designer to draw the picture, so as not to fail to buy the matching door after drawing; If you choose furniture after decoration, or choose finished furniture such as solid wood, you should pay special attention to the style and color of the door. After you are optimistic about building materials and furniture, make a 3D rendering together to confirm the color tone, so that the overall home is durable and harmonious

the new standard "aluminum wood decoration", light luxury customization, realizes the integration of whole house customization, the same color and luxury, relaxed but not complicated, luxurious but not boring, meets the different needs of modern families for home life, understands you, and understands life better

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