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Shakespeare said, "we should do what we want to do as soon as we think about it, because people's thoughts will change, and there will be how many tongues, how many hands, how many accidents, how many hesitations and how many delays."

in recent years, we have been exposed to too many luxuries piled up with stones and lines, as well as the thick colors from classical, which are quite aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, I hope to make some changes in this case, focusing on the concept of low-key light luxury. In the design of this case, we first abandoned the strong colors of the traditional European and American style, continued the traditional French gold elements, and adopted the elements of copper bars, integrating the elegant and luxurious essence of French aesthetics and fashion attitude with "home". In the golden years, we strive to carve a very stylish life scene with diverse details to meet the different needs of three generations of the family, so that residents can better build a personalized space story

the golden willow on the Bank of the river is the bride in the sunset, and the gorgeous shadow in the wave light is rippling in my heart. " I want to compare this blue to the riverside, and this copper bar turns into a golden willow, like a dreamy bride, jumping in the whole space

emphasize the change of linear flow, and focus the indoor carving process on the art of decoration and furnishings. The colors are gorgeous and coordinated with warm tones. Based on Romanticism in form, it uses marble, gorgeous and colorful leather cloth, exquisite carpets, and colorful furniture to make the interior show noble and luxurious characteristics, full of strong dynamic effects. On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colors, making people feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it abandons the overly complex texture and decoration, and simplifies the lines

in the use of color, the living room selects quiet blue and noble gold as the main colors, forming a visual impact of elegance and dignity. The choice of furniture and hanging pictures eliminates the visual burden of traditional French style, and makes it more elegant and luxurious. The bay window introduces a wide and moderate vision, and the curvilinear soft ceiling is dotted with crystal ceramic chandeliers, and boldly uses a variety of wall panel colors, matched with copper lines. The spatial level is rich and interesting, and the luxurious and elegant life of French upstarts begins

modern American style is more like a diversified way of thinking, combining nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people's needs for life, compatible with luxury, elegance and modern fashion, reflecting the personalized aesthetic views and cultural taste in the post industrial era

in the golden years, we strive to carve a very stylish life scene with diverse details to meet the different needs of three generations of the family, so that residents can better build a personalized space story

the dining table adopts the marble table that is not easy to scratch compared with the wooden table, and the metal feet echo with the wall lighting and furniture of the whole space

due to the owner's large requirements for shoe cabinets, after making shoe cabinets at the door, a large number of shoe cabinets continue to be added in the aisle. In terms of design, the overall cabinet door is laid to stretch the visual effect of the aisle, which cleverly hides the storage room in the shoe cabinet

compared with the luxury and elegance of the activity space, our bedroom design is much simpler. Simple wooden furniture, coupled with simple metal lamps, make materials interspersed and coherent in the whole family space

simple furniture furnishings meet customers' daily reading habits

considering the use of the bedroom, on the premise of having a small cloakroom, we still choose to set up a row of wardrobes beside the bed for daily wear

like most families, the host family also has a sunny teenager. We put the boy's favorite blue tone into the room in a large area. In the elegant blue and gray, there are stable furniture, which symbolizes the lively nature of boys without losing their inner stability

bay window

it is not difficult to see from the plan that this is a bathroom door. Because it is within the normal line of sight (opposite to the bed), in order to decorate the discomfort caused by the bathroom in life, the design method of hidden door is adopted, and the design method is axisymmetric, perfectly hiding the bathroom and unknown








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