Gothic beautiful homeland under baroque style suns

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Light Baroque

the gorgeous crystal chandelier, like a beautiful ice sculpture suspended in a 6-meter high space, the super large lamp body releases lightness in the purity of white, and the bustling line decoration is far away from the secular world in the clarity of crystal. The velvet curtains with curly leaf patterns fall high, but there is an air of grace that can't be ignored in silence. However, the luxury in the eyes clearly makes people feel the existence of Baroque style, but because of the high openness of the space, it is gradually approaching the simple temperament

"in fact, I like the simple style. If I use the simple style in such a large space, although it will be very cool and must have a sense of design, it will make people feel cold and not suitable for living. Living must consider the needs and feelings of my family. And the European style with a 'sense of fullness' is not what I like, so I repeatedly communicate with the designer, and finally make the home look like it now." Qi Li, who is cheerful, speaks fast and jumps, as if she wants to accompany a happy rhythm. Such a woman is doomed to be cold. Even if her surroundings are pale and speechless, she can also use her brightness to soak the spring light around her. Therefore, it is doomed that her home can be light Baroque or sunshine Gothic

sunshine Gothic

the huge floor to ceiling windows opened their hearts, so the living room was bright and full of sunshine, and the air was also mixed with a warm smell. At the moment of seeing the super high floor to ceiling windows, Qili fell in love with the house. Being able to enjoy the sunshine is an important standard for Qili to identify a good house

because of the luxury of having sunshine, Qili boldly followed the designer's advice and used a large area of black. Not only that, she also "made her own decisions" in the late accessories, including black floors, black decorative walls, black sofas, and black chandeliers that cast mysterious and fascinating colors. Just thinking about these black, it is like entering the strange, dark and charming world of Gothic, That kind of compelling black has an indescribable desolation, and Qi Li jumped out of the black depressing side with the sun, turning it into a beautiful part of her, becoming the embodiment of her personality

color is really a wonderful thing. It is supposed to be seen by people with eyes, but it can mobilize people's sense of smell and taste, and perceive the aroma and taste of color. Qi Li's home should be a place full of wine





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