Korean beer imports soar

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South Korea's beer imports soared

since the Asian financial crisis, South Korea's wine imports have rebounded rapidly, with the largest increase in imported beer. According to the latest statistical data of the Korea Trade Association, it is necessary to measure the gauge distance of the specimen stretched to the given stress. In 1999, the total import of beer in Korea rose to $1.94 million, and in 2000, the total import of beer soared to $5.02 million, an increase of 60% year-on-year. Since the Republic of Korea has designated 2001 as the tourism year of the Republic of Korea, the beer import of the Republic of Korea has been growing steadily since this year. Considering the possible reduction of the import tariff of the Republic of Korea's beer during the year, it is expected that the beer import market of the Republic of Korea in 2001 will be twice as large as that of last year

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