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Laboratory configuration of flexible packaging and selection of testing equipment example II

II. Selection of common testing equipment

● 1. we also found a considerable number of counterfeit products in Yuyao local plastic market. The selection of basic testing equipment

(1) electronic tensile machine

the configuration level of electronic tensile machine directly determines the cost of the whole machine. The following issues should be considered when selecting

① structure. Because the maximum inspection length of the film sample is 80mm, it should be designed to be 800mm at least according to the elongation of 1000%, and the stroke is generally 800-1000mm

② tension range. This determines the form of tensile machine. Generally, the tensile strength of plastic film is only tens of Newtons. If the friction coefficient is also measured, the tensile force is even smaller, so it is sufficient to use a single arm tensile machine. If the tension exceeds 10000 Newton, a double arm (gantry) tension machine must be used

③ sensor. The sensor is the key factor affecting the measurement accuracy. Considering the test range, the sensor of 100 Newton or 200 Newton should be selected, and the accuracy of the sensor must be high, preferably about 1/100000. In this way, not only the test accuracy of tensile force and peel strength is high, but also the small force value data such as whether the contact tightness between the friction inspection adjustment extensometer and the sample is suitable for the coefficient can be measured. In addition, the service life needs to be considered. Generally, it needs more than 100000 times. It is best to choose sensors made in the United States and Germany, followed by Japanese products

④ configuration and output. The peripheral configuration of electronic tension machine generally includes host computer, microcomputer and printer. Most of the printers use HP 5652 printer with open interface. The output results generally include the maximum force value, elongation, tensile strength, etc. if the microcomputer has strong functions, it can also print the status curve directly. Some laboratories need data link analysis and electronic records. Instrument manufacturers can be required to provide ordinary computers, but the cost will increase by several thousand yuan

⑤ main machine mechanical configuration. The most critical part of the mechanical part is the transmission mode, which is divided into lead screw transmission and gear and rack transmission. The former runs smoothly, the movement speed is not divided into grades, and can automatically return to the position after the displacement is completed. It is suitable for high-precision displacement, and the test results are repeated, [the production is relatively high, but it needs the computer servo speed regulation system, and the price is relatively high, which is generally about several thousand yuan. The price of the latter is relatively low, which is generally about several hundred yuan, but the operation is unstable, the movement speed is divided, and it cannot automatically return to the position after the displacement is completed, so the repeatability of the test results is low.

⑥ the stability of the whole machine. The stability of the whole machine mainly refers to whether there is "jitter" or "jitter" in the test process of the electronic tensile machine It has a great influence on the fracture, which is generally determined by the weight of the base and the whole machine

(2) heat sealing tester

heat sealing tester is mainly used for the test of heat sealing conditions. Generally, the heat sealing tester with adjustable temperature, time and pressure is used. The following issues are mainly considered in the selection

① reserve the sealing length. Generally, the sealing part shall be more than 250mm

② separate temperature control shall be adopted for the upper and lower seals, and the lower layer of silica gel shall be reserved, which can imitate the bag making machine

③ the ultra silent air pump shall be used as the distribution air source

(3) sealing tester

sealing test mainly inspects the sealing degree of the packaging bag. Generally, transparent plexiglass barrel is used as the test box, vacuum pump or vacuum generator is used as the main working element, and visual inspection is used to observe whether the packaging bag is broken under vacuum, which is used as the basis for judging its sealing performance. The following points should be noted when selecting the seal tester

① large deformation time control under impact load can not be set, but if it is set, the}ti operation time shall be maintained. Avoid setting only 12 hours, otherwise the 24-hour test cannot be carried out, or the valve can be adjusted directly by hand

② try to use a vacuum pump to create a vacuum, and the pressure should be stable, otherwise the solvent oil is easy to enter the vacuum chamber

③ try not to set live operation under the glass bucket containing water to avoid short circuit

(4) moisture tester

the moisture content in adhesives and solvents has a great impact on the composite strength, and the micro moisture detection of solvents has become one of the necessary test items. At present, the most accurate and economical test method is the Karl Fischer method. The following matters should be paid attention to when purchasing the Karl Fischer moisture tester

① fully automatic and closed system shall be selected as far as possible. Because Karl Fischer reagent is not only toxic and expensive, but also very easy to absorb moisture in the air. If the system is not sealed, it cannot be tested in wet weather

② test frequency. If the test frequency is not high, Karl Fischer volumetric instrument can be selected; If the test frequency reaches more than twice a day, the Karl Fischer coulometry instrument must be used. Although the price is high, it is extremely convenient and saves reagents

(5) viscosity cup

the viscosity cup is generally Japanese chaen cup or American Ford cup, and the data is more accurate

(6) thin film thickness gauge

mechanical thin film thickness gauge shall use point contact as much as possible with small error

(7) plate viewing platform

double light source plate viewing platform with a light source and 6500k light source shall be selected as far as possible to reduce the same color and different spectrum error

(8) spectrophotometer

aseli's spectrophotometer is widely used in domestic and Japanese markets, and has a special Chinese interface for domestic users. Gretag spectrophotometer is widely used in Europe and America. It has only an English operation interface, and the price is slightly higher

(9) color matching ink scraping stick

color matching ink scraping sticks generally require dense arrangement, especially the two ends are the easiest to open. In addition, there are differences between domestic and imported

numbers, so you should ask the depth of the analog version when selecting. If the ink is used, it will directly measure the wear spots and process the wear spot image Edit For marking the prototype, it is better to select the instrument with scraper and pressure adjustment to imitate the real printing effect as much as possible

(to be continued)

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