The usage time of the hottest plastic banknotes is

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The use time of plastic banknotes is nearly seven times that of paper banknotes. The Bank of England recently announced that it will start printing plastic banknotes and put them into circulation from the reversing of explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve in 2016, so as to gradually replace the current green design and manufacturing of paper banknotes by making full use of the latest technology in the industry with independent intellectual property rights. It plans to successively launch paper banknotes with a slightly smaller area than the current paper banknotes, It is more convenient for users to put 5 pound plastic banknotes with Churchill and 10 pound plastic banknotes with Jane Austen in their wallets. At present, there are four kinds of pound notes: 50 pound, 20 pound, 10 pound and 5 pound

plastic base banknotes, commonly known as plastic banknotes, are printed on a special transparent plastic substrate with multiple layers of special pigments on both sides. Although the manufacturing cost is twice that of paper money, its plastic texture greatly prolongs the service life of notes, at least four to six times that of paper money

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