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On july2,2008, in hall W1 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, among a pile of gray, white and black large format printers, the orange fuselage of Neo Venus of Korean Dilli company was particularly eye-catching

it is the exclusive agent of Shanghai Yongxiang logo Technology Co., Ltd. and the Korean Dilli company neovenus uvv-2506 (GW)

this inkjet printer adopts a high-speed, high-precision and high-quality spectra nozzle, which can achieve excellent production efficiency. Rich and high subsidies have driven the explosive growth of the industry by more than three times. Bright colors, as well as 727800 DPI high-resolution, 7-color printing cmyklc LM + W (8 nozzles are double white), and the nozzle height is automatically controlled, It can print on the media with a thickness of 50 mm, especially the regeneration of carbon reinforced plastics. It is multi-purpose. It is also suitable for plate and coil materials. It is the best choice for outdoor painting because of its rich and diverse applicable media and excellent outdoor weather resistance. It also uses UV UV curing ink. It is environmentally friendly and has no figure 3. It is the VOC improvement effect of the door panel and instrument panel body of a certain vehicle model

this printer has strong productivity. Its output speed is up to 24 m2/h. its UV curing ink will be quickly dried and cured after exposure to UV light, with high yield and efficiency. The maximum output width is 2.5 m, which can meet the needs of most output tasks in the current market

because neovenus can print with high resolution, it can be used to make promotional materials, digital galleries, or print exquisite oil paintings on canvas, and its output pictures are environmentally friendly. Equipped with the latest electronic control and advanced DCSP data collection and analysis software, neovenus can be widely used for indoor production, such as wallpapers, sound-absorbing boards, splicing boards, ceramic tiles, glass, wall panels, aluminum-plastic boards Beautiful pictures are printed on corrugated board, sunshine board, Chevron board and other media, so that indoor and outdoor applications are free, and signs can be made at will

Korea Dilli company neovenusuvv-2506 (GW)

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