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Labor protection measures for gas cutting operation is to isolate the human body from the risk factors in production, and create a safe metal ring and rectangular test block, sanitary and comfortable labor environment to ensure safe production

the following labor protection measures shall be taken during gas welding and gas cutting:

(1) the following labor protection articles shall be provided during gas welding and gas cutting: such as work clothes, work hats, gloves, shoes, colored glasses, masks, towels, etc., to prevent high-temperature flame from hurting eyes, splashing metal oxides, after the anti sliding performance test, strengthen the accumulation of basic research and technology, and hot workpieces from scalding people, Avoid the dust and harmful smoke from being sucked into the body

(2) the gas welding and gas cutting sites shall have good ventilation conditions to reduce the harm of harmful gas generated during operation to human body

(3) when repairing various containers or pipelines, before welding and cutting, it is necessary to understand what liquid or gas is contained in the pipes or vessels, remove the remaining liquid or gas, and open all valves, otherwise welding and cutting operations cannot be carried out

(4) if the portal frame of the welding and cutting machine consists of 4 columns, upper beams, middle beams and worktables. When crude oil, gasoline, kerosene or other flammable containers are stored, all the container holes and covers shall be opened, the inner wall of the container shall be cleaned with alkaline water and blown dry with compressed air before welding and cutting

(5) safety belts must be used when welding and cutting at heights. The tools shall be placed in the tool bag, and a fire plate shall be set to prevent fire caused by the splashing of fire flowers or the falling of cut-off surplus materials

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