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Labels of different media should be equipped with different carbon tapes

printing media refers to the materials that can be printed by the label printer. According to the shape of the media, they mainly include ribbon, card and label, and according to the materials, they mainly include paper, synthetic materials and cloth. It is mainly the medium material that determines which carbon ribbon to use

paper can be divided into highlight, semi highlight and matte according to surface gloss

specular coated paper, glossy paper, etc; Semi gloss coated paper; Matte paper has offset paper; Special paper includes aluminum 2, interference foil paper caused by input voltage, fluorescent paper, thermal/thermal transfer paper

in general, resin reinforced wax based carbon tape or mixed based carbon tape (R310 and r410) is used for printing high gloss paper. In particular, mirror coated paper is called copper plate, but the surface is a layer of synthetic material light film, which should be treated as synthetic material, using r410 carbon tape. The types of carbon tapes available for semi gloss paper are resin reinforced wax based and general wax based carbon tapes (R310 and r313). The matte type can only be printed with r313

synthetic materials are divided into pet (polyester), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), BOPP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PS (polypropylene), polyimide (polyvinylamine) and metallized pet. Among them, metallized pet mainly includes laser rainbow film, wire drawing film, gold (high, but this has little impact on the price (except door type), light and matte) and silver (high and matte)

compared with paper materials, these materials have greater strength and beauty, wider application range to the environment, and higher requirements for carbon tapes. They mainly use mixed and resin based carbon tapes. The specific carbon tape to be used depends on the user's requirements and use environment. If only friction prevention is required, only r410 can be used. If there are other requirements, such as corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, r510 should be used, but only pet (180 ℃) and polyimide (300 ℃) can be used for labels at this time

the above is only a general case, but there are many kinds of materials with great differences between them. In order to obtain satisfactory printing effect, multiple tests should be carried out according to their respective conditions to find a suitable carbon tape

information source: China packaging daily

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