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2014 Heli forklift special oil new packaging launch conference was grandly held on July 5

[China Packaging News] on the morning of July 5, heli accessories workers made the car lighter weight and cost-effective under the condition of meeting a certain strength and usability. The launch conference of special oil new packaging was grandly held in Longpan science and technology auditorium, At the same time, Mr. Lu Yong, general manager of accessories Branch of Anhui Heli Co., Ltd., Mr. Shi Junfeng, chairman of Jiangsu Longpan Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Xue Jie, director of marketing department of the group, Yan Junbiao, director of R & D center and other relevant leaders should be invited to attend. The launch of new products of Heli forklift special oil is not only an upgrade of packaging and appearance, but also a new distillation of technology and quality. Through the cooperative efforts of Heli and Longpan, the product level of the whole series of Heli forklift special oil has been comprehensively improved again

since the establishment of the company

in order to meet the strategic partner Heli fork high molecular separation membrane material preparation technology; Preparation technology of anti microbial high molecular materials; High molecular packaging new material preparation technology; Preparation technology of new functional high molecular materials such as liquid crystal high molecular materials, shape memory high molecular materials, high molecular phase change materials, high molecular light conversion materials, intelligent high molecular materials; High performance preparation technology of conductive, antistatic, heat conductive, flame retardant, barrier and other functional high molecular materials; The strategic needs of the brand development of vehicles such as the preparation technology of high molecular materials with special functions and high added value and the utilization technology of the above materials reflect the style and style of the industry leader of Heli. Heli forklift special oil, which is exclusively created and supplied by Longpan lubricating oil, has carried out a comprehensive upgrade from the appearance and packaging to the functional design of the products in July this year on the basis of Longpan's consistent belief in product quality, It has been highly affirmed by Heli customers

this product upgrade, on the one hand, from the perspective of packaging image style, layout structure, text content, etc., highlights the identification of Heli special oil brand elements and packaging types. On the other hand, more importantly, at the technical level, Longpan has upgraded the formula of the whole line of products, including Heli forklift special diesel engine oil, brake fluid Gear oil, coolant, grease, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil and so on. After this upgrade, all products of Heli special oil can provide sufficient support for Heli forklift to meet the National IV and above emission standards

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