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2014 onf autumn plugfest interoperability testing activities kicked off

ctiforum news on October 14 (Li Wenjie): from November 3 to 7, 2014, onf autumn plugfest interoperability testing activities will be officially held in the global SDN testing and Certification Center (sdnctc) under the next generation interconnection engineering center (BII). This activity will be carried out simultaneously in Beijing, China and Silicon Valley, the United States. This is another global SDN synchronous interoperability test activity between China and the United States based on the plugfest test in the spring of May. 1 If the jaw is not properly clamped, the dealer will participate, and the test environment and test method will be more perfect

onf plugfest is a global SDN leading organization -- onf holds test activities twice a year. The activities gather onf member companies and SDN equipment manufacturers in different regions of the world to test the openflow interoperability, consistency and application cases of switches and controllers in a relatively neutral environment

according to Li Zhen, director of the global SDN testing and Certification Center, this activity will focus on the increasing output and demand of penflow 1.3 consistency test, interoperability test, switch/controller performance test, manufacturer app test, Sino US interoperability test, data center and network virtualization overall solution test Of SABIC has cooperated with a professional machinery manufacturer to carry out a number of production experiments, config tests and other tests. Global SDN test experts and manufacturer representatives will conduct tests simultaneously at the global SDN test center in Beijing and HP headquarters in Silicon Valley in the United States, and will synchronize engineers and network equipment on both sides of the earth to the same intercontinental SDN network by means of network video live broadcast and GRE encrypted tunnel technology

in order to better carry out testing activities and improve the maturity of enterprise products, Rick Bauer, general manager of onf technology, Michael Haugh, chairman of onf testing and interoperability working group, Li Zhen, director of global SDN testing and Certification Center, Zhang pan, member of onf testing leading group and global SDN testing and Certification Center, and other top global openflow testing experts will personally guide at the test site to ensure that this plugfest can make runners feel infinite vitality

it is reported that the registration of this onf autumn plugfest test activity has been carried out in an all-round way. The registration address of enterprises participating in the registration is: (Global SDN test and Certification Center). The registration deadline is November 1. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of the global SDN test and Certification Center, and look forward to more Chinese enterprises joining

about the next generation interconnection engineering center - Global SDN testing and Certification Center:

the global SDN testing and Certification Center (sdnctc) is a third-party neutral SDN testing and certification laboratory, committed to the research and promotion of software definition network SDN technology. The global SDN testing and Certification Center is the first SDN testing and certification center authorized by onf in the world except the United States. It actively participates in the formulation of testing specifications of the onf interoperability testing working group, the construction of testing and certification system, and promotes SDN technical standards and commercial deployment. At present, openflow1.0/1.3 conformance testing is carried out, and plugfest testing activities are held twice a year

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