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Key points of graphic design in packaging and decoration

graphics in packaging and decoration design can be divided into the following categories from the content:

product image

logo image

consumer image

metonymic image

font change image

application description image

auxiliary decorative image, etc

I. key points of graphic design

pay attention to accurate information

as a design language, you should pay attention to speak clearly. In the process of processing, we must pay attention to the main characteristics and pay attention to the details of key parts. Otherwise, a hundred miles will be lost. For example, apples, tomatoes, oranges, etc. are similar in size, but they are actually very different, which requires their different characteristics in processing

the characteristics of an image are often more distinctive in comparison with its similar images, so it is an effective method to grasp the characteristics in comparison

pay attention to distinct and unique visual feelings

packaging and decoration in modern sales is actually a small advertising design. We should not only pay attention to the specific information transmission of the content, but also have a distinct and unique visual image

the so-called uniqueness does not lie in simplicity or complexity. Simple may be unique or plain; The complex may be novel or old. Be concise and changeable, complex but not cumbersome; Simple and vivid, rich, complex and simple, perfect. Can be novel, unique and full of personality

pay attention to the limitations and adaptability

you can't just look at the bag materials

graphics to convey certain ideas, and you should pay attention to the different customs and habits of different regions, countries and nations. At the same time, we should also pay attention to adapt to different gender and age consumption objects

second, the form of graphic design changes

graphics can be divided into three categories: concrete, abstract and decorative graphics

1. Concrete graphics

photographic pictures: photographic pictures can truly express the image of products, with rich color levels, and are increasingly widely used in packaging. In addition to realistic performance, photographic graphics can also use a variety of special places to straighten the level of the dynamometer before and after to form a variety of graphic effects

realistic painting graphics: Photography cannot replace painting. And the so-called painting is not pure objective realism, otherwise there is no need to paint. We should choose the subjective choice of the object to be displayed according to the performance requirements, so that the image is more simple and perfect than the real object

inductive Simplified Graphics: This refers to the generalization processing on the basis of realism. Summarize the characteristics and simplify the levels, so that the object can be more concise and clear performance. In terms of expression methods, the changes of points, lines and surfaces can form a variety of expression effects

exaggeration change graph: This is a change processing based on induction and simplification. That is, it not only summarizes, but also emphasizes deformation, so that the object of expression can achieve a vivid and humorous artistic effect

2. Abstract figure

abstract figure refers to the figure formed by point shape change, linear change and surface shape change, which has no direct meaning but has indirect connection. Abstract graphics have a wide range of performance, and have great potential in the performance of packaging pictures. Although abstract graphics have no direct meaning, they can also convey certain information, which is very important in design. As mentioned earlier, abstract graphics can also guide the viewer's associative feelings in the conceptual expression of associative method

3. Decorative graphics

packaging decoration also makes extensive use of decorative graphics, including the borrowing of traditional decorative patterns. In the design, attention should be paid not to send the signal to the computer to abuse decorative patterns, but to use it appropriately in conjunction with the confession attribute, characteristics and grade of the content

in addition to conventional printing, graphics can also be processed by molding and other technologies to lengthen the industrial chain by hand. Of course, this should be selected according to the cost level of packaging and the performance requirements of contents

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