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Edible coated fruits and vegetables have good rust prevention and fresh-keeping process points

the reasons for the aging and corruption of fruits and vegetables after picking are roughly due to the ethylene gas produced by the respiration of fruits and vegetables, various bioactive enzymes, water evaporation and microbial reproduction in the components of fruits and vegetables. The most important factor is that the fruits and vegetables contain various biological enzymes that promote their maturation and aging, and the ethylene gas produced by respiration will cause the fruits and vegetables to yellowing, softening, corruption and deterioration. At present, the cold storage method is mainly used for the preservation of fruits and vegetables, which has large one-time investment, high cost, complex operation and is not conducive to long-distance transportation. The coating preservation technology of fruits and vegetables introduced in this paper is based on the characteristics of physiological changes of fruits and vegetables after picking. The edible and antioxidant color protectants, fungicides, bacteriostatic agents and film-forming agents that are not toxic to human body are scientifically selected to form a coating preservation solution of fruits and vegetables. As long as the solution is soaked, sprayed or coated on the surface of fruits and vegetables, a layer of transparent semi breathable edible preservation film can be formed. There is no need to refrigerate. The preservation period of ordinary fruits and vegetables at room temperature is more than 4 months, The fresh-keeping period of varieties that are difficult to keep fresh (such as litchi, strawberry, etc.) is also more than 1 month, and the fresh-keeping cost per kilogram is only about 3 cents

1 process flow

fresh fruits and vegetables - → cleaning - → surface sterilization and detoxification - → cleaning - → coating - → storage

2 coating solution preparation

inositol hexaphosphate complex solution 0.20%

cm film forming agent 1%

cause failure benzoate sodium salt 0.20%

sucrose ester


water balance

ph 4

according to the above formula.Dissolve several components in clean and pollution-free water in turn and stir them evenly, Adjust the pH value to the specified range to form a coating preservative

3 key points of the process

3.1 fresh, disease-free fruits and vegetables shall be selected for preservation

3.2 for sterilization and detoxification on the surface of fruits and vegetables, oxidizing fungicides are selected to remove residual pesticides and various bacteria on the surface

3.3 researchers at the Singapore University of technology and design (sutd) have developed a reprocessable thermosetting 3D printing material (3dprts). The coating on the surface of vegetables can be soaked, coated or sprayed. After coating, it can be naturally dried or blown dry

3.4 this method can be applied to the storage and preservation of various fruits and vegetables, tender corn, chestnut and other agricultural products

3.5 the coated fruits and vegetables should be stored in a cool house or cellar, and the house or cellar where the fruits and vegetables are stored should be subject to necessary sterilization treatment before use

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