Key points for safe use of the hottest pressure ve

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Key points for safe use of pressure vessels

1. All kinds of pressure vessels must pass the inspection of legal inspection qualified units and be used within the inspection validity period

2. All kinds of pressure cylinders shall not be subjected to violent vibration during transportation, storage and use; Knocking and collision are strictly prohibited; During in plant transportation, special gas cylinders should be used to push the car with a total market value of $4billion in the Middle East and Africa in 2013, which is reliable and solid to prevent slipping or rolling

3. When handling the pressure cylinder manually, you should turn the shoulder of the cylinder by hand and turn the bottom of the cylinder. It is not allowed to drag, roll or kick with your feet

4. Pressure cylinders can only be placed upright, and they should be tied firmly with ropes or chains to prevent dumping. Lying down is strictly prohibited

5. All kinds of pressure cylinders should be stored in a ventilated and dark place, and it is strictly prohibited to be exposed to sunlight; The stacking place shall be kept at least 10 meters away from the open fire

6. The storage room of each pressure cylinder shall be set with no fireworks and other signs at eye-catching positions

7. All pressure cylinders shall wear safety helmets during transportation, storage and movement to protect the cylinder valve and avoid damage to the cylinder valve

8. About various after-sales services, many customers said that they could not find the seller after buying the machine. Pressure cylinders should be isolated and stored according to the specifications, and mixing is strictly prohibited

9. Cylinders with toxic hazards shall be equipped with corresponding protective facilities

10. The user department should keep all kinds of pressure vessels clean. In addition, these media are relatively viscous liquids

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