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Key points for safe operation of planing processing

1. Work clothes should be worn at work, female comrades should wear work hats, and long hair should be stuffed in work hats

2. The operation position should be correct when working. Do not stand in front of the workbench to prevent chips or workpieces from falling and hurting people

3. The workpiece, cutter and fixture must be firmly clamped, otherwise the workpiece will move, or even slide out, causing the cutter to be damaged or broken, and even whether the machine quality is excellent, equipment accidents and personal injury accidents

4. Before the planer is operated, it is necessary to check and clean up the items left in the planer. C. power system: Panasonic exchange servo machine in Japan + Panasonic exchange driver + ball screw (made in Taiwan) + German reducer + polished rod straight line. Regulations related to golf corruption have also been issued everywhere. No tools or other items are allowed to be placed on the bearing + synchronous belt drive table, so as to avoid accidental injury after the planer is started. And check whether all handles, switches and control knobs are in the correct position. Other parts not in use for the time being shall be kept in a proper position, and their control or control system shall be in the neutral position

5. When the planer is running, it is forbidden to load and unload, adjust the cutter, measure and check the workpiece and remove the chips. During operation, operators shall not leave their posts

6. It is not allowed to touch the surface of the workpiece by hand, and it is not allowed to remove the chips by hand, which will hurt people and fly into the eyes

7. The shaper can meet the experimental measurement needs of different materials. When the workbench or gantry planer tool holder moves rapidly, the handle is removed or the clutch is disengaged

8. When loading and unloading large workpieces, try to use lifting equipment. After the workpiece is hoisted, do not stand under the workpiece to avoid accidents. After the workpiece is unloaded, the workpiece should be placed in a suitable position and placed stably

9. After work, turn off the electrical system of the machine tool and cut off the power supply. Then do the cleaning work and lubricate the machine tool

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