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Key points of maintenance technology for telescopic oil cylinder of truck crane

t351 truck crane produced in Poland has a maximum lifting capacity of 35t. After many years of use, it was found that the piston rod of the telescopic oil cylinder of the crane leaked oil seriously during operation, which seriously affected the normal use of truck crane. After disassembly and inspection, it was found that the piston rod of the telescopic oil cylinder had been seriously strained, and there was a scar on the piston rod about 20mm wide, 1500mm long, and about 0.6mm deep that turned off the power supply of the operator and impacted the motor source. The piston rod has a total length of 9m and a diameter of 101.6mm, i.e. 4 inches in British system. Due to the British piston rod, there is no corresponding substitute in China. After contacting with foreign manufacturers, the delivery takes 3 months, and the price is about 80000 yuan. 1351 special alloy truck crane for high-end equipment such as high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy, high-strength light alloy is a commonly used key equipment, which cannot be used for a long time and affect the work. After careful analysis, it is worth trying to repair the piston rod by changing the English system to the metric system. Change the 4-inch diameter to metric 100mm, which can not only eliminate the scars, but also not affect the strength of the phenolic foam prepared by heating, and can be equipped with metric 100mm ^ seals, which saves time and cost. With the assistance of Puyuan construction machinery factory, the piston rod was repaired. The repair process is as follows

1> clean the piston rod, use a special lathe to rough turn and finish turn when the distance between the two chucks changes, and finally grind. The surface roughness is 0.2, the matching size is 100h8, the roundness is 0.018, and the straightness is 1000:0.05

2> chromium plating after grinding, with a coating thickness of 0 05mm。

3> use 100mmx5.7mm in gb/t1235 1976 as the type 0 sealing ring sealed with the piston rod

4) due to the change of piston rod diameter, the corresponding spacer sleeve, retaining ring, guide bushing, guide sleeve and cylinder head dust ring have also been changed

practice has proved that this method is concise and practical. It took only more than 10 days and spent more than 5000 yuan to repair the oil leakage of the telescopic oil cylinder, which not only saved time, but also saved tens of thousands of yuan. Now the truck crane is in good condition

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