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The Ministry of industry and information technology recently issued a notice on carrying out the 2016 special action of industrial strong foundation, which proposed that in 2016, efforts will be made to explore and improve the collaborative promotion mechanism of industrial strong foundation projects, breakthroughs in four key areas, demonstration and application of key products and processes The public service of Industrial Technology Foundation hopes to bring help to everyone, such as platform construction, so as to make a good start for the 13th five year plan

the implementation plan of 2016 special action for strengthening the industrial base points out that 50million cycles are still intact. In 2016, we should strengthen the top-level design, improve the policy environment, and guide all kinds of elements to gather in the field of industrial foundation. Promote the development of key areas, implement a package of breakthroughs, and focus on breaking through about 40 iconic core basic parts (components), key basic materials, and advanced basic processes; Continue to carry out demonstration applications of key products, implement the one-stop application plan of key basic products and processes, and promote the coordinated development of complete machines and basic technologies; Create an industrial technology foundation system, improve the capacity of about 10 industrial technology foundation public service platforms, and form a supporting capacity suitable for the development of key industries and technologies; Promote the development of military civilian integration of the four bases. Gradually solve the basic bottlenecks of major projects and key equipment, and form an industrial environment for the coordinated development of the whole machine and the foundation

the plan proposes that in 2016, efforts will be made to explore and improve the collaborative promotion mechanism of industrial strong foundation projects, and make a good start for the 13th five year plan in terms of breakthroughs in four basic key areas, demonstration and application of key products and processes, and construction of public service platform for industrial technology foundation

first, strengthen directory guidance and improve policy and measure support. The consulting agency organized industry associations, scientific research institutes, key enterprises and other units to study and sort out the four basic development priorities, prepared and issued the catalogue of four basic industrial development (2016 Edition), and guided all regions or areas with △ e ≤ 1.7 and relevant enterprises to jointly promote the development of four basic industries. Encourage the agglomeration and development of four basic industries, and establish a national new industrialization demonstration base in four basic fields in 2016. The Chinese Academy of engineering was entrusted to carry out the second stage research on the strategy of strengthening the industrial base. Strengthen policy reserves and guide the formation of a policy atmosphere that attaches importance to the foundation and is conducive to basic development

second, organize and implement a package of breakthrough actions. Focusing on the ten major areas and four basic package breakthrough actions specified in the implementation guidelines for strong industrial foundation projects (year), some key directions are selected according to the basis of industrial development, and a number of demonstration projects are organized and implemented jointly with the Ministry of finance. The core basic parts (components) mainly support the three major parts of robots, high-end sensors, high-end medical equipment components, supercapacitors, high-speed optical communication devices, industrial basic software, etc. Key basic materials focus on supporting the new generation of high-end materials, special ceramics and other materials for information technology and products. 4. Advanced basic processes mainly support integrated circuit manufacturing, precision and ultra precision processing, precision forming of lightweight materials, additive manufacturing and other processes. The improvement of public service capacity of industrial technology foundation focuses on new materials, big data, sensors, aero-engine bearings, pen making, industrial control system test integration, etc

third, organize and implement the one-stop application plan. Explore innovative organizational models, give further play to the overall advantages of industrial and information systems, organize industry associations and other institutions, and study industrial foundation projects 9 Demonstrate the third-party certification mode of applying products and technologies until the sample breaks or meets the introduction conditions. On the basis of previous years' work, we will focus on the one-stop application plan of IGBT devices, rail transit bearings, graphene materials, and realize the coordinated promotion of product and technology research and development, industrialization, test and inspection platform, demonstration and promotion through projects and funding support

fourth, improve the basic system of industrial technology. We will improve our industry-oriented testing and information service capabilities, select and identify a number of public service platforms, and prioritize them in the national new industrialization industry demonstration base. Research and establish the industry measurement management system, formulate the "management measures for the formulation and revision of measurement technical specifications of the Ministry of industry and information technology", carry out the formulation and revision of 100 measurement technical specifications, and build a value traceability and transmission system. Research advanced information collection tools, carry out operation prediction tracking and inquiry, push industrial information to the government, industry and society, and provide intellectual property analysis and evaluation and comprehensive services. Speed up the solution of key common technical problems that affect the improvement of product quality. Organize and implement quality improvement and process optimization actions, focusing on the key and special 5 processes that have a great impact on quality, and implement a number of industrial diagnosis and process improvement projects. Organize and implement quality research projects, overcome a number of non competitive common quality and technical problems in the industry, promote industrial chain coordination, and accelerate the industrialization of high-quality products. We should strengthen the construction of the standard system in the basic field of industry, speed up the formulation of standards, strengthen the coordination of upstream and downstream standards in the industrial chain, and promote the internationalization of key standards

fifth, promote the development of military civilian integration of the four bases. Select advanced and applicable dual-use technologies and products, compile the 2016 military to civilian directory and the civil military directory, and publish more than 200 technical achievements. We organized the formulation and revision of military and civilian general standards in the field of integrated circuits and Research on related issues, completed the preparation of about 10 national standards for approval, and explored the construction mechanism and mode of military and civilian general standards

sixth, strengthen the acceptance and evaluation work. Prepare and issue the detailed rules for the acceptance and evaluation of the implementation plan of industrial strong base projects, improve the whole process management of industrial strong base demonstration projects, strengthen the supervision and assessment of demonstration projects during and after the event, and organize the mid-term assessment of the implementation plan of demonstration projects in previous years and complete the acceptance and evaluation. Give better play to the role of China's industrial strong base information, actively publicize the acceptance evaluation and demonstration application effect, and organize the information docking between machine (system) enterprises, social capital and four base enterprises

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