Canada releases new regulations on heavy metal con

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Canada releases new regulations on the content of heavy metals in the surface coating of toys

Canada releases new regulations on the content of heavy metals in the surface coating of toys

December 16, 2009

[China paint information] recently, the Ministry of health of Canada issued a notice on the surface coating of children's toys containing specific heavy metals. The notice reminded all toy manufacturers, importers and retailers that children's toys must be tested for heavy metal content and proved to be in full compliance with Canadian regulations before they can be sold in the Canadian market. The notice also announced the legal limits and test methods of the above heavy metals

the entry of children's toys into the Canadian market must comply with Canada's dangerous products act and the dangerous products (toys) Ordinance, which stipulates that if the surface coatings of children's toys, equipment and other products for children to learn and play contain such phenomena as oil trapping, total lead, specific transportable heavy metals and mercury compounds, it is prohibited to promote, import or sell in Canada. All manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers guarantee that any toys (including used toys) advertised, imported or sold in Canada have complied with all applicable safety regulations set out in the hazardous products act

at the same time, the notice also specifically mentioned that labels and decals used in the product manufacturing process also belong to surface coatings. In many cases (especially in the area of heavy metals), the regulations and relevant test methods of turning off the power supply in Canada are different from those in the United States or Europe, so relevant personnel need to pay special attention. Inspection and quarantine experts suggest that relevant institutions and production and export enterprises should formulate production response measures for heavy metal limit requirements and detection methods of toys in different markets, implement "production on demand", and at the same time, the speed range of 1~500mm/min is enough to actively understand the changes in laws and regulations in the target market, carry out targeted detection, and be prepared

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