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New achievements of China's green packaging technology

· Shandong electric instrument factory of China National Ordnance Industry Corporation has developed a new packaging material with the characteristics of "paper holography" - laser holography wide width molded products, which fills the gap at home and abroad. The factory plans to build the largest "paper holography" production base and scientific research center in China

· Guangzhou Nanya electromechanical equipment factory launched the ZS type pulp molded fast food box production line, which can produce degradable lunch boxes, with a daily production of 70000 lunch boxes

· Shandong Laizhou Fusheng packaging materials Co., Ltd. successfully developed an environmental friendly polyethylene high foaming sheet, which fills the domestic gap

· Zhejiang Linhai Health Beverage Co., Ltd. has developed new environmental protection products of edible fast food bowls (boxes)

· Inner Mongolia Jining packaging material factory has successfully developed a new type of carton adhesive - s-924 carton adhesive. It is the lifeline and super binding condition of the development of plastic processing industry. This product is made of corn starch through activation and cross-linking reaction, and has passed the identification of new products

· Wang Zexin, former deputy chief engineer of Shanxi polyester factory, invented a new process for recycling waste beverage bottles. The special recycling unit matched with this process can not only effectively recycle polyester (PET) waste beverage bottles, but also polyester waste fibers, waste films and waste clothes with polyester (polyester) as raw materials. This process has the advantages of short process route, energy saving and high efficiency

· Shanghai Watch machinery factory launched xbz-8, so the system stiffness is not high. The series of paper cup forming machines can produce cone-shaped containers for paper drinks, ice cream or other food

· Jiangsu Xuzhou North South grass fiber company has developed a production machine of "pollution-free physical method one-time forming carton board", and the honeycomb paperboard produced has obtained a national patent

· Nanjing Santai special paper packaging Co., Ltd. of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics developed the "green machine", which was awarded the certificate of "national key new product promotion program" by the former National Science and Technology Commission

· the zkg-a pulp molded tableware production line developed by Baoning company, China packaging new technology development company, has been promoted nationwide as a production technology of disposable plastic tableware substitutes

Ganfeng International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ganfeng International), a wholly-owned subsidiary, plans to acquire not more than 49% of the equity of rim in installments of no more than US $61million

· Jiangxi Huanbao tableware Co., Ltd. has adopted new processes to produce new degradable disposable tableware, which has now formed large-scale production. This kind of environmental friendly tableware was listed in the national key new products made of natural biological resources such as trees, waste wood, plants and waste paper in 1999

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