The hottest network marketing expands new channels

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Network marketing expands new channels

at present, various e-commerce stations and various promotion methods in the market make enterprises confused. Search bidding ranking, B2B e-commerce, B2C product direct sales, C2C, etc., which one is really needed by enterprises

at present, various e-commerce stations and various promotion methods in the market have confused enterprises. Which one is really needed by enterprises, such as search bidding ranking, B2B e-commerce, B2C product direct sales, C2C, etc

the enterprise has become an important plastic new material production and business gathering industry in China. It has been exploring network marketing methods.

indeed, the traditional marketing methods can no longer adapt to the development of enterprises. Enterprises are looking for network marketing methods that match their own products. Let's take a look at the first generation of Internet marketing. The main form of expression is to do competitive ranking in search engines. This method worked very well a few years ago, because there was less information in the early development of Internet. Through search engines, customers can easily find the information they need, which brings many business opportunities to enterprises using search engines for promotion, but now Internet information is exploding, Search engines capture a lot of information

China B2B Research Center entered the word "Liang Guo" into the search engine, and within one second, the search engine grabbed more than 18000 search results. Due to the oil leakage of the experimental machine, in these results, consumers need to find the information they want in the massive amount of information. This time-consuming and laborious way makes it very easy for consumers to turn off the page directly, and there are a lot of similar information, which greatly discounts the promotion effect of enterprises

from the perspective of cost, search engine competitive ranking needs continuous investment, and the cost will also be difficult for enterprises to accept. There are some unavoidable malicious clicks or competitor clicks, and enterprises also need to pay for those that cannot create value

membership marketing, another possibility

the second generation of network marketing, is now B2B. In the B2B industry, Alibaba in the South and Huicong in the North used to be the representative of the comprehensive B2B station. At present, shengshangbao () as the representative of the industry vertical B2B station is a rising star. It has also established its foothold in the domestic B2B industry, greatly changing the trend of B2B. This kind of station can provide membership marketing for enterprises. "Membership marketing" means that enterprises spend money to buy members of B2B stations, and then B2B stations provide members with some services such as product display, Im, SaaS and product push to promote the sales of enterprise products

any larger B2B portal will subdivide the enterprise into various sub items and root directories in the station. Here, most of the enterprise information will be under the root directory of four or more levels, that is, customers need to click four or five times to enter the B2B station and can see the enterprise information without clicking wrong. Although the cost of membership marketing is relatively low, the effect is not very ideal for most enterprises

b2c is represented by shirts

in the past two years, B2C shirt enterprises represented by PPG and Bono have really become popular. This B2C model soon has many followers. With the news of PPG's broken capital chain, PPG gradually declined. Bono has been walking carefully relying on its many years of experience in the clothing market

recently, van aluminum hydroxide flame-retardant plastic, which started with Internet Alliance advertising, has a prominent advantage that it has less smoke in the flame. CL has also performed well in the B2C shirt Market. But how far can this model go? No one dares to draw a conclusion

the eternal topic of innovation

network marketing, whether the first generation of search bidding or the second generation of membership marketing, has evolved from scratch to avoid software leakage, modification and illegal copying. The Internet is innovating all the time. Enterprises also need to adapt and adjust quickly in the constantly changing market conditions in order to establish their own competitive advantage in the tide of network marketing. The third generation of Internet marketing is about to emerge. Whether point-to-point precision marketing is the mainstream or vertical industry is in the spotlight, our small and medium-sized enterprises are ready to grasp the next round of Internet marketing

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