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In 2014, 33 key projects were newly started in the "western development"

2014 professional technical support of Jinan new period gold testing instrument Co., Ltd. welcome to the 33 key projects newly started in the "western development" in the information year

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to avoid the falling off of tiles and hurting the human development and Reform Commission station. News on the 25th, in order to further implement the western development strategy and support the infrastructure construction and development conditions improvement in the western region, In 2014, 33 key projects of the western development were newly started, with a total investment of 835.3 billion yuan, focusing on major infrastructure construction, ecological environmental protection and livelihood projects such as railways and large water conservancy hubs in the western region. In, a total of 240 new key projects were started in the western development, with a total investment of 4839 billion yuan

33 new key projects are: (1) Lhasa Nyingchi section and Chengdu Ya'an section of Sichuan Tibet railway, (2) Golmud Korla railway, (3) capacity expansion project of Emei Miyi section of Chengdu Kunming railway, (4) coal transportation channel of Mengxi central China Railway, (5) Lanzhou Hezuo railway, (6) Hongliuhe Naomaohu railway, (7) additional second line project of Fuling Meijiang section of Chongqing Huaihua railway, (8) Qianjiang Zhangjiajie Changde railway, (9) Inner Mongolia Linhe baigeda (menggan boundary) highway, (10) Guangxi Hechi Baise highway, (11) Yunnan Mengzi Yanshan highway this market opportunity has spawned a lot of new product roads, (12) Sichuan Ya'an Kangding highway, (13) Xinjiang Mingshui (Ganxin boundary) Hami highway, (14) Western Branch Airport Construction, (15) Xijiang shipping trunk line Guigang shipping hub second-line ship lock project, (16) Guangxi Datong gorge water control project, (17) Xinjiang altash water control project, (18) Inner Mongolia irrigation area downstream of Nierji water control project, (19) Inner Mongolia irrigation area downstream of chuole water control project, (20) Tibet Laluo water control project and supporting irrigation area project, (21) Shaanxi Han Wei River Diversion Project, (22) Guizhou Jiayan water control project and Northwest Guizhou water supply project, (23) Yunnan Lancang River huangdeng and wunonglong hydropower stations, (24) Sichuan Yalong River Lianghekou Hydropower Station, (25) Xinjiang Hami wind power base phase II project, (26) Qinghai Longyangxia hydro optic complementary base phase II project, (27) Ningdong Zhejiang UHV DC project, (28) Inner Mongolia Ximeng Shandong UHV AC project, (2) various modes of closed-loop control can be realized, (9) Yunnan Jinsha River middle reaches power station power transmission Guangxi DC transmission project, (30) Xinjiang Yili Kuqa, Santanghu Hami 750 kV power transmission and transformation project, (31) "broadband rural" pilot project, (32) water pollution prevention and control projects in key river basins, (33) a new round of returning farmland to forests and grasslands

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