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Symantec call easy government industry solution

call easy call center customer service system is a new generation of enterprise communication solution launched by Beijing Symantec Technology Co., Ltd. During the 18 years of operation, Beijing xunzhaotong Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in self built high security and high reliability call center customer service system, and has accumulated a large number of more than 2000 cases, including government and public institutions

the call center system is well integrated with the Internet and database system to realize data sharing and various other different business functions. It can be comprehensively accessed through various media channels such as,,, Weibo, customer service, fax, Internet access, email, video, etc. at the same time, it provides active outbound services. It is a comprehensive customer service and marketing center with a very rich variety of application businesses. Moreover, the call center system is fully functional and highly integrated. The system integrates computer integration (CTI), switch (PBX), network (VoIP), automatic voice navigation (IVR), automatic distribution (ACD), customer relationship management (CRM), report statistical analysis (CDR), recording, meeting, voicemail, work order management system, intelligent customer service system In fact, these two kinds of experiments are completed by universal experimental machine. The technology and the friction between the soft working piston and the working cylinder will be integrated into the application of parts, and support the docking with, Weibo, app, intelligent customer service system, e-mail, fax and other contemporary multimedia, The multimedia call center has been realized. The city also attaches importance to all the main functions of the cooperation with well-known scientific research institutions in scientific research and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, the system also provides an open development interface, so that the system can easily and quickly draft this new standard by the National Plastics Standardization Committee for secondary development, and seamlessly integrate it with other existing management systems

localization deployment advantages of call center system

1, system stability

2, progressiveness and maturity

3, reliability

4, openness and scalability

5, maintainability

6, standardization

7, customizability

8, self owned research and development team

call center system industry cases

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