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Canada implements the packaging blue box plan

Toronto, Canada, will begin to include plastic containers for food packaging into the blue box plan in April 2005 to collect and recycle packaging waste. The plan will reduce the annual plastic packaging waste in Toronto by about 3000 tons

at the end of 2004, the Commissioner of Toronto Public Service Department presented to the City Council a "blue box enterprise operation mode plan adopting ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management system to integrate information technology and advanced management ideas". The report pointed out that since April 1, 2005, plastic containers and container covers used to package food such as butter, yogurt and ice cream increased by 1.12 million tons compared with 2014 can be included in the "blue box" recycling. The treatment facilities of two garbage plants in Toronto will be able to dispose of waste plastic containers and container covers. The implementation of the plan will increase the number of plastic containers and container covers that are discarded from garbage dumps and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way in Toronto by 2000 to 3000 tons per year. In addition, this measure will not increase the cost of recycling projects, as the additional expenses involved will be offset by additional income

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