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Neva helps home agents and promotes the new upgrading of call center office methods

during the Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden epidemic swept across China, disrupting all people's plans. In Hubei Province, we are united to fight against the epidemic; Outside Hubei Province, people not only unite as one to support Hubei, but also face the challenge of returning to work after the holiday

therefore, for the call center of human intensive office, how to provide a reliable solution in this period requires us to pool our wisdom and wisdom

under the epidemic, the intensive human nature is undoubtedly a great challenge for the call center. Therefore, in order to better respond to the epidemic crisis, many call centers consider expanding some seats to home seats

so what is a home seat? What challenges will home seats face

the future working mode of the home agent call center

what is home agent

home agent: the call center agent can work from home, remote office or any place equipped with internet connection

it can not only support the flexible arrangement of work and virtual call center, but also allow enterprises to hire and deploy staff on behalf of the seats to the greatest extent

home based work mode improves operational flexibility, performance and resilience to crisis, provides a broader talent pool, and also brings new demographic characteristics and greater coverage until there is no dirt in the released oil

what are the advantages of home seats

reduce the cost of call center

improve customer service

improve employee satisfaction and loyalty

home seats have their advantages, but they also bring some new challenges to enterprises. Here are some key issues that determine whether enterprises can make good use of home seats and turn them into the driving force for enterprises to move forward


does the enterprise have the ability to expand the applications needed by the seats to the home seats? For this point, the industry has some good solutions, such as cloud solutions, VoIP solutions, etc., which can help enterprises expand seats to home seats


it is necessary to ensure that the communication between home agents and enterprises can be encrypted end-to-end, and prevent hackers from taking this opportunity to crack and steal sensitive customer information, and employees' computers cannot store confidential information locally

about this, there are also some solutions in the industry: such as cloud client, VPN, etc., and nice provides the engage all media recording platform, which can record the voice, text, video interaction and screen operation of home seats to the data center for encryption, archiving and storage, and facilitate centralized management and access. 1. The average membership is about 350000 ~ 8million


due to the inability to carry out on-site management, enterprises are worried about the lack of effective management methods and means for home seats, and the work quality of home seats does not meet the requirements of enterprises, thus affecting the customer experience

nice's nexidia interactive contact analysis and quality central intelligent quality inspection platform can not only help enterprises comprehensively cover the voice, text interaction and other data of home seats for quality inspection and improve the efficiency of quality inspection, but also use nice's unique phoneme neural network to intelligently model the latest hot words, timely understand the new problems under the current emergency operation state and give countermeasures

home seating also brings a series of opportunities and challenges to the scheduling team. On the one hand, the working hours of the home seat are flexible and variable. On the other hand, the on-site management has become a remote management, and the traffic curve is also very different from that in the past. Nice's human resource management (WFM) and employee mobility management (EEM) can help shift planners make better use of the flexible working characteristics of the home seat, and stimulate the mobility of employees while providing more accurate traffic prediction and scheduling


for the contact centers of financial enterprises and governments, especially the banking industry and citizens, how to ensure that the interaction between home agents and customers/citizens can not step on this red line, do not generate new social hot spots, or timely sense and intervene in new hot spots, is inseparable from the fact that safety and environmental protection is entirely a kind of self-development that requires technical support

in addition to using nice nexidia and QC to achieve post compliance review and analysis, we can also use nice's unique Neva employee virtual assistant to help us, especially for new employees, Neva is their good helper

neva how to help home seats

one of the challenges of home call centers is how to standardize the behavior of home agents

how to ensure that home agents follow the rules and regulations of the enterprise to complete business processes

Neva will collect all kinds of operating behaviors of home agents on the desktop, such as copying, inputting, etc., conduct unsupervised big data analysis and automatically generate the corresponding analysis view, so as to provide perception elements for enterprises

neva's unique desktop process guide provides real-time process guidance to home agents, standardizes the behavior of home agents, ensures their compliance, and operates in accordance with business processes

at the same time, home call centers also need home seats to complete the work with the same quality and quantity as ordinary seats

neva will provide timely reminders in case of errors or omissions at home, so as to avoid the cost of error correction and remediation caused by them

neva helps the home agent complete a series of repeated work, improves the work efficiency of the home agent, and also improves the satisfaction and loyalty of the home agent

neva provides appropriate scripts for home seats to ensure their service quality and improve the customer experience

another feature of home seats is that home seats work independently most of the time. Compared with ordinary seats, it is more difficult to get the help of team leaders or other seats

in this scenario, Neva, as a desktop assistant connecting the home agent with the fatigue loading experiment control module, can well assist the home agent. Help the home agent get familiar with the new business process, and also help the new employees to quickly get familiar with and get started as a home agent, so as to become an excellent home agent, so as to help enterprises reduce the training time and training cost of home agents

Author: Wen Liang, senior consultant of nice Greater China process automation

Dong Liangliang, director of nice Greater China Consultant

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