Canada seeks oil and gas investment from Asian cou

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Canada seeks to obtain oil and gas investment from Asian countries

although Ottawa imposed strict restrictions on foreign energy acquisitions last year, a senior official of the Canadian government will visit China and South Korea next week to promote regular inspections of oil and gas from both Asian countries to Canada; Company investment

it is equivalent to saving more than 50 million tons of crude oil. 2 this system can carry out a variety of experiments under sine wave, 3-angle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave and user-defined waveform. In 012, the conservative government of Canada allowed China National Offshore Oil Corporation, a Chinese oil giant, to buy Nixon, a Canadian energy company. However, the conservative government of Canada showed that, Canada will not allow foreign state-owned enterprises to purchase most of the shares of Canadian energy companies in the future

however, Canadian government officials welcome the investment of foreign state-owned enterprises, as long as these state-owned enterprises are relatively easy to operate and realize that they can only buy minority shares

a former conservative minister in Canada said in a high-profile speech last week that foreign purchases of Canadian energy companies have decreased significantly this year because rules prevent investors

Canadian natural resources minister Joe Oliver will visit China and South Korea next week. Oliver said that one of the main goals of his visit to China and South Korea will be to make it clear that Canada still welcomes foreign investment

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