Canada will ban the use of disposable plastics bef

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It needs to include terminal clamps (to meet our use of terminal situations ot/dbv/xpress terminals); Canada will ban the use of disposable plastics before 2021 according to Russian satellite on June 11, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at the press conference on Monday that Canada plans to ban the use of disposable plastics by 2021

Trudeau said, "I am pleased to announce that Canada will ban disposable plastic products that are harmful to the environment by 21 years ago, when brand awareness will be further increased by 20." In addition, according to him, large companies should be responsible for the whole life cycle of their products

he said, "companies that produce plastic extrusion equipment rely on its clear functional products and sell plastic packaging products to be responsible for collecting and recycling plastic waste."

Trudeau also pointed out that a catalogue of plastic products that will be included in the ban will be drawn up later. This catalogue will be based on the scientific research achievements and actions of the European Union and other countries in this field

it was previously reported that the EU also plans to ban the sale of disposable plastic tableware by 2021. All products involved here are disposable products: such as plates, tableware, straws, cotton swabs, etc

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