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Network training quietly appeared in the NC training market editor's note:

with the rapid development of industrial automation in China, the lack of technical personnel in the industry has always been a bottleneck restricting the progress of the industrial control industry. College graduates cannot meet the needs of enterprises due to the lack of engineering experience, while social training institutions cannot meet the market demand due to the constraints of teachers, equipment, training costs and other factors, How to popularize the latest and best technology to the people who need it has been a problem that has plagued the whole industry for a long time. Now Tangshan and Shanxi have risen by 40 yuan/ton, and some people have stood up. They vowed to take promoting the popularization of technology as their own responsibility...

on April 18, 2008, Guangzhou CNC processing vocational skills training center, a training institution subordinate to Guangzhou CNC Equipment Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Jicheng Technology Co., Ltd. (Jicheng training) jointly launched a series of training courses in Guangshu's original factory network, At present, the courses launched include NC milling machine (Guangshu 983m and 218m) and NC lathe (Guangshu 980td) programming and processing series courses

it is reported that the course jointly launched this time will provide students with the opportunity of "Guangshu original factory certification". Students who pass the examination will obtain Guangshu original factory certification. At the same time, combined with long-term services such as interactive Q & A and building a talent pool, it will truly make students learn better and useful

I learned that there is no precedent in the industry to use the Internet for systematic vocational and technical training. What are the views of all sectors of society on this

voices of all parties:

Professor Liu Yihua, chairman of the Guangdong Automation Society: the network training jointly launched by Guangzhou CNC and Zhicheng training is vivid in form and substantial in content, which makes good use of the convenience of network training in time and region and the reusability of resources, and can greatly improve the utilization of existing educational resources, It is believed that this will play a very positive role in solving the demand gap of automation technology talents caused by the rapid development of industrial automation in our province and even our country

Guo Lianfen, director of Guangzhou (CNC lathe, milling) vocational skills appraisal institute: the network training course jointly launched by Guangzhou CNC and Jicheng technology is rich in content and close to reality. It can be used not only as an engineering practice textbook for inexperienced graduates, but also as a visual reference book for on-the-job Engineering personnel, which is a valuable practical technical reference

teacher Lu (teacher of Hunan University of Technology): as an important supplement to school education, I personally think this form of attempt is quite meaningful for plastic flexible packaging materials. In addition to requiring it to meet the increasing requirements of packaging quality and effectiveness of different products, after all, vocational education involves a very wide range of aspects. This education provides students with rich choices. Due to the support of manufacturers in teachers, It will be closer to practical application than school education

Mr. Zhang (an employee of a hardware factory in Longhua, Shenzhen): what I value is the flexibility of time, because I have to go to work every day, so it's not very realistic for me to study out of work. Now this form of education can meet my need to learn new models. I heard that it can also be verified. Of course, it's good, and it also lays a good foundation for better development in the future


first of all, whether these courses are good or bad, because it will give the most fair judgment to the students after they finish their study. What we want to say is that this way undoubtedly provides a learning way for the vast number of technical people who want to learn without time and geographical restrictions and to ensure the quality of course teaching

of course, we should also see that the study of industry technology is very practical. How can network teaching make up for this deficiency? We hope that skilled adults have the determination and wisdom to solve this problem

we hope that skilled adults can truly fulfill what they said: "take promoting the popularization of technology as their own responsibility", take it as their mission, constantly improve and improve the ways and methods of network education, become a driving force for the development of the industrial control industry, and constantly promote the development of the industry


about Guangzhou numerical control (GSK):

Guangshu is the numerical control industry base in southern China, the enterprise undertaking the National 863 key project of supporting technology for the industrialization of medium-range numerical control system, and one of the 20 key equipment manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province. Since the establishment of the factory in 1991, it has been committed to professional research and development, production of machine tool numerical control systems, servo drives and servo motors, promotion of the popularization of machine tool numerical control, and development of NC machine tool trade. Now it has developed into a large high-tech enterprise integrating science, education, industry and trade. The company has more than 1700 employees, including 3 doctors, more than 80 master's students, and nearly 800 engineering and technical personnel. From 2000 to 2006, the production and sales volume of products ranked first in the same industry in China for seven consecutive years. In 2015 (2) and 2017, the main business income of the company was 816.9823 million yuan, 898.0191 million yuan and 102.148 49 million yuan respectively. It is the largest production base of machine tool numerical control system in China

about Guangzhou CNC machining vocational skills training center:

the center is a subordinate training institution of Guangzhou CNC, a skill appraisal institution approved by the Ministry of labor and social security, a national training base for highly skilled talents (electromechanical projects), a vocational skills training institution approved and filed by Guangzhou Labor and Social Security Bureau, and a designated institution of Guangzhou employment training "golden key plan"

about technology training:

technology training () is an Internet enterprise committed to the training of application technology in the industrial control industry. Its purpose is to provide the most convenient and convenient industrial control industry application technology training and related services for technicians in the industrial control industry by using the cross regional and reusable Internet resources, so as to rapidly improve the technical training coverage of technicians in the industrial control industry in China, Make their technical level rapidly and comprehensively improved

as the only partner of Guangdong automation society in training, TCT has very rich teaching resources and customer resources. It can quickly launch corresponding training courses according to social needs and provide them to customers in the shortest time. It has considerable advantages in course design, production and sales


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