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The convenience brought by the network printing solution to the small and medium-sized Graphic Express Printing Market

with the continuous popularity of network printing, many printing enterprises are also involved in network printing, especially the small and medium-sized Graphic Express Printing Enterprises. Network printing is more conducive to creating a segment market for them. Small Graphic Express printing enterprises can buy ready-made network systems and then integrate network printing into the management information system. Many users have used web printing to achieve high-quality solutions for products, so that they have tasted the sweetness. Therefore, more and more small and medium-sized graphic fast printing enterprises have begun to move towards web printing

according to the expectation of foreign authorities, the annual growth rate of e-commerce sales will remain at 11.3% in these five years

are you ready to seize this opportunity

according to the 2012 primir research on e-commerce and printing business, if the total revenue of the printing industry in 2011 was US $150billion, e-commerce sales accounted for about 12% of the total revenue. The sales volume of e-commerce will maintain an annual growth rate of 11.3% in the five years of developing Hainan coconut processing services. According to David Minnick, EFI's collateral printing product manager, 50% of North American commercial printing enterprises have (different types should be replaced) collateral printing systems. This is indeed an opportunity, but from the perspective of printing suppliers, you need to try boldly. You can't retreat to the second tier and keep watching, otherwise you will miss the first pot of gold

Tawnya Starr, chairman of printerpresence, agreed that printing enterprises should not wait until customers put forward the demand for online printing. Only by taking the customer first and making good preparations for web printing can we be in a favorable position in the competition! The outstanding feature of those rapid developing web printing enterprises is that they not only take web printing technology as a marketing tool, but also instill the concept of convenience and personality of web printing into every customer

network printing has evolved from an order placing method in the traditional sales model to an end-to-end system.

the current network printing or e-commerce is not a simple ordering system like that 15 years ago. It has evolved from a way of ordering in the traditional sales mode to an end-to-end system, which makes the whole production and sales workflow as automated and standardized as possible. Including order input, credit card payment, with the help of the information management system, automatically send the order status update (including the mail of freight and pricing information) to the customer, collect the whole digital information, and finally complete the order

avoid involving too much manpower and increasing the difficulty of management. Web printing makes enterprises the most automated.

the solution of web printing is based on cloud computing, which is crucial in the direction of e-commerce business and consumer consumption habits, which are generally migrated from desktop computers to tablet computers. These mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) will also help LAN enterprises realize e-commerce processes based on cloud computing

in the B2B environment, the cloud integration of web printing is particularly critical.

Web printing is a channel for printing enterprises to manage all orders (including customer self-service orders and printing enterprises placing orders for customers). This can not only reduce the mistakes and expenses of customer service, but also improve sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. Quick printing customer is a self-service template design system with a massive material library. It is currently the only e-commerce solution for the fast printing industry in the world. Fast printing customers have opened up the supply chain system of the fast printing industry. The joint purchase platform + self-service design + massive customer capture, forming a perfect supply chain system, is the highest level of the business model of the fast printing industry

HP Hiflex marketing manager talked about HP Hiflex network printing platform: our platform is based on open source code, in which Drupal content management system is convenient for printing enterprises to establish a station to provide personalized customized services; You can also calculate the evaluation of personalized orders for customers according to the actual equipment configuration of Indian enterprises, so as to avoid Indian enterprises wasting time reviewing and estimating each order again; At the same time, customers can know the expenses they will pay in time, save time for both parties and improve efficiency

from the model of EFI, keen systems, HP Hiflex and printerpresence, these suppliers are helping printing enterprises to create private brand stores for their customers, so as to liberate salespersons from the trivia of production management and let them spend their time developing new customer relationships. In this way, the salesperson does not directly own the customer relationship, but the store owns it; Even if the salesperson leaves, the customer will still be locked in the enterprise

therefore, don't take e-commerce as an example. We Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. have some experience to share with you about each kind of experimental machine, a plug-in and an additional auxiliary tool, but take it as the core channel to communicate with customers at any time

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