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Neutral borosilicate glass navigator "four star glass", Excellent representatives of national innovative enterprises

"As a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical glass packaging materials in China, he calmly established an absolutely leading position in China with his independent research and development of the most advanced neutral borosilicate glass tube characteristic products in the world; in 2010, he was a national enterprise in the field of pharmaceutical glass packaging materials. With neutral borosilicate glass, he broke the dilemma of completely relying on imports, established a new international order of pharmaceutical glass, and won a world reputation for made in China." This is the high evaluation of Cangzhou Four Star Glass Co., Ltd., the leader of China's neutral borosilicate glass, by the selection committee of the "2019 list of new Chinese pharmaceutical talents"

in the selection activity of "2019 China's pharmaceutical cutting-edge list" jointly organized by the medical observer and the China Pharmaceutical elite club, four-star glass won the honor of "2019 innovative enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry chain" because it broke the foreign monopoly, overcome the technical difficulties of neutral borosilicate glass, and successfully developed domestic neutral borosilicate glass with independent intellectual property rights with a cavity of blood and never discouraged spirit, On December 3, VDA 270 was tested for odor. On the "10th medical observer cutting-edge forum, the annual meeting of the national medical elite club and the 201 chemical sales launch, the 9-year China Pharmaceutical cutting-edge list award ceremony for the structural analysis of five major synthetic resin imported products" held in Chongqing, more than 1000 guests were warmly congratulated. Wang Huanyi, chairman of Cangzhou four-star Glass Co., Ltd., told the audience through a video speech about his mental journey of self-improvement, continuous struggle and continuous efforts for the innovation and rise of national pharmaceutical enterprises. Hao Kuan, deputy general manager of Cangzhou four-star Glass Co., Ltd., made a live speech, introducing the company's development path and product characteristics

at the forum, deputy general manager Hao Kuan also received an exclusive interview from the medical observer

for winning the honor of "innovative enterprise in pharmaceutical industry chain in 2019", Hao Kuan, deputy general manager, said, "we are very honored to receive this award. I think it is not only an encouragement, but also a spur for us, which will make our whole company need to work harder to deserve this award today. Of course, for four-star glass and all employees, this is also a result of our efforts over the years."

Hao Kuan, deputy general manager, said that four-star glass was first an enterprise that made oral liquid straws and served Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. At that time, the supply of pharmaceutical glass bottles was very tight. An elder of Harbin Pharmaceutical Group recommended them to make pharmaceutical glass, so they entered the industry "by mistake" and "confused" in order to survive

although Hao Kuan, deputy general manager, said so, the author deeply felt that this was a modest expression, because the author had previously learned why four-star glass chose to take the road of "medicinal glass" when pressing the magnet strip against the test sample, and what hardships it had experienced. It is understood that Wang Huanyi, chairman of four-star glass, once experienced the pain brought by the monopoly of foreign enterprises to China's pharmaceutical glass industry, so he decided to do independent research and development at all costs. In the meantime, I don't know how many times I failed and almost gave up, but maybe it was Wang Huanyi's persistence that moved heaven. Four star glass finally came back from the dead and successfully developed neutral borosilicate glass with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises in this field and winning glory for the country

now, the neutral borosilicate glass products of four-star glass have been adopted by many Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, and have played an important role in improving the quality level of injection drugs in China. At present, the conformity evaluation of generic drugs is in full swing in China's pharmaceutical industry. Obviously, in this process, the role of pharmaceutical glass and other packaging materials is very important. Hao Kuan, deputy general manager, said that only if the quality of packaging materials is excellent, can generic drugs and original drugs maintain the same quality, and can also ensure the drug safety of ordinary people. We must ensure that the quality of packaging materials does not affect, or at least affect the role of drugs

at the end of the interview, Hao Kuan, deputy general manager, said: "Four star glass itself is a very small enterprise. Over the years, with the care of customers, it has gradually developed into an enterprise to be listed. Our production lines that can fill the domestic gap and all production processes have independent intellectual property rights, so next, our goal is to log on to the science and innovation board. When we have financial support, we will continue to work hard to support and repay our customers. For example, some customers Households have gone abroad and sold drugs to countries along the "the Belt and Road", so we will also open branches to areas along the "the Belt and Road" to support pharmaceutical enterprises to open up a broader market. "

we have reason to believe that under the leadership of chairman Wang Huanyi and the guidance of the spirit of self-improvement and innovation, the future of four-star glass must be full of hope and bright

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