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Network printing goes further

in the printer field, especially in the department level laser printer field, HP has been doing very well. Not only that, HP is also unique in considering the upgrading of products. More than a year ago, "personal computer" laboratory once evaluated HP LaserJet 8100 printer. At that time, its high-speed printing speed and excellent printing quality left us a deep impression. 4. Experimental principles and methods. Recently, HP sent the 8100 series upgraded product HP LaserJet 8150. 8150 series not only maintains the advantages of 8100's high-speed and high-quality printing effect, but also highlights 8. Speed regulation mode: stepless speed regulation has the ability of network printing and management, which is more suitable for heavy department level printing tasks

technical test

the printer model sent for test this time is HP LaserJet 8150 DN, D means it supports double-sided printing, and N means it supports network printing. As it is positioned at the department level printer, the volume of this machine is relatively small. In order to meet a large number of heavy departmental printing needs, it adopts a microprocessor with a main frequency of 250MHz, which can complete the workload of 150000 print tasks per month with an accuracy of 1200dpi, and the printing speed is 32ppm (A4). 8150dn has a built-in HP jetdirect 610n network print server with 10/100base TX port. This server provides 2MB flash memory, which works with HP webjet admin software to provide rich print management functions. Two random cartons can prolong the service life of the equipment at the same time. Each carton can store 1000 pieces of printing paper, and the paper size ranges from A3 to B5, meeting different printing needs

8150 also has some functions for enterprise users. When printing private documents, such as private and financial records, the printing task is first stored in the printer memory. The user goes to the printer and calls out the confidential document printout by entering a personal password (PIN) on the printer control panel, which can prevent your private documents from being taken by others. The edge to edge printing function allows you to modify the margins of the document, which can be printed 2mm away from the edge of the paper. This feature applies to all standard paper sizes and is a good choice for specialized printouts such as tables and bar codes. By setting the double-sided printing registration function on the printer panel, we can accurately align the image on the front and back of the double-sided printing output. This function is very useful for printing sample periodicals

8150 supports all mainstream network protocols, such as tcp/ip, ipx/spx, AppleTalk, dlc/llc, SNMP. Although the function of 8150 is very strong, and then press and hold the "impact" button (or turn the button switch to "off"), it is relatively easy to manage. After installing the web jetadmin management software, we can run the software through a normal browser to understand the status of the printer. With the permission of the printer administrator, we can configure the network parameters

in addition to the above features, 8150 also maintains a good upgrade potential. If a large capacity input track, multi grid letter sorter and MFP upgrade kit are added, this printer can meet the large load of document printing, print document sorting and digital copy functions of the whole department

as a department level network printer, HP LaserJet 8150 DN provides good print quality and speed at a low price, and provides a simple and convenient management means, which can be said to be worth the money

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