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Neville plantscapereg; Introduction to control system solutions in the field of cement:

Honeywell International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Honeywell") is a world leading multinational company in diversified technology and manufacturing industry. Its business involves aviation products and services in the world; Residential and building control and industrial control technology; Automation products; Specialty chemistry. Fiber. Plastic. Electronic and advanced materials, as well as transportation and power systems and products

Honeywell recognizes the unique control needs of automation in the cement field. And according to the needs of China's cement industry, we have developed an innovative and low-cost industrial solution specially used in this field

our solution realizes the factory integration of the whole industry, including the system integration of all levels of the whole factory, from sensors, controllers, man-machine interfaces, to production management and enterprise resource planning

our plan will focus on improving productivity, product quality, recovery rate, safety and production cost for cement plants

system introduction:

plantscape system is an advanced control system that not only inherits the classic elements of traditional DCS, but also integrates a large number of the latest science and technology. It has been widely praised in the wide application of many cement plants at home and abroad. The total number of system installations of this product in various industries around the world has exceeded 7000. Plantscape system can carry out stable, safe and reliable automatic control and management of the production process in several main workshops of the new dry process cement production line, such as raw material grinding, kiln tail and kiln head

central control room part:

plantscape control system mainly includes three parts: central control part, field control station part and system communication network part. Now describe this system in detail:

set up operator stations and engineer stations in the central control room

● adopt 100bbs TCP/IP Ethernet in the monitoring management layer to ensure that data users frequently access data in an efficient and large amount

● measure the tensile strength of the sample at the real-time control layer on the site, and use the 5m redundant token dedicated to industrial real-time control to ensure that the data between the server, controller and remote station can communicate efficiently, real-time and definitively within 0~50ms

● plantscape system also provides a license for an open data interface ODA, which can be used for the design and application of Excel dynamic data tables, or for communication with third-party data, such as: realizing the connection between plantscape system and excel, QCX, and MIS systems of the whole plant, so that senior managers of the plant can timely understand the production situation of each department and carry out macro-control

all operator stations in the central control room can monitor and manage each field control station of the whole cement production line. Through CRT, the operator can easily read the required data, view the process flow picture, observe the trend of important control points, etc., and conduct centralized control on the site, so as to achieve the purpose of stable, reliable, efficient and energy-saving production

the attributes of engineer station and operator station can be switched at any time with hardware key and software password

functions of the engineer station:

● the unique and best tree shaped modular program structure makes the search of the program extremely easy, and the control module can be selected for modification and installation without stopping the Jinan gold assay universal testing machine

● the unique and best tree shaped modular program structure can set the scanning cycle for each single controlled device separately, making it possible for one controller to control multiple field stations, and to start and stop operations and maintenance separately

● powerful, rich and comprehensive function block library makes function block programming convenient, concise and intuitive

● provide offline programming, configuration, simulation and debugging procedures

● it has the function of monitoring and fault diagnosis of the hardware of the whole system

● system software based on global database, which perfectly realizes the real-time unification of system database

● integrated design of display builder and control builder software, which is more convenient for configuration and programming

● fully meet the needs of process control and represent the new trend of DCS development today

functions of operator stations:

● each operator station is standby for each other and can monitor the whole production process (peer-to-peer structure)

● 1000 dynamic process flow diagrams

● number of dynamic labels of each operation station: more than 5000 points

● thermotropic curve, historical curve recording function, total number of trend curves: 1000

● the scanning cycle of trend curve is 1 minute interval, and there are more than 64 trend curves in 24 hours

● have production reports (print various data and charts every day and every week), event reports, alarm reports, etc

● the state update time in the flow chart is 1.5 seconds

● picture refresh time of 1 second (including dynamic and static data)

● for manual operation: 2 seconds from the time when the keyboard sends a command to the time when the process is fed back to the flow chart

● display the operation status of process equipment, flow chart parameters, trend chart parameters, historical data and event records

● print the set points of process control network parameters, and print error reports, shift reports, monthly reports, etc

● Jinan assay development history priority alarm, any alarm can be displayed in the current display screen

● in the operation group, manual soft operation can be realized through the keyboard, such as: driving, parking, China will play a leading and core role in the global graphene industry, car restart and selection, etc., and it can also control the start/stop of motor and the start/stop of single motor, emergency stop, etc

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