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No matter what industry or position, modern people can't work without computers. However, in the process of using the computer, we need to be equipped with a comfortable computer chair, so as to protect our spine well. But which brand of computer sofa chair is good? How to choose? Now let's learn about it with Xiaobian

1. Which brand of computer sofa and chair is good?

a, Zhendan

everyone should be familiar with it. It is an enterprise with a long history of making furniture. Although the brand has not set up franchised stores all over the country, it has long been famous. Anyone who has bought Zhendan computer sofa and chair said it was good

b, Zhaosheng

Zhaosheng furniture is an enterprise integrating the design, manufacturing, sales and installation services of all kinds of medium and high-end civil furniture. Compared with the first two brands, the price will be more people-friendly, but the quality of the products is not poor, so it is a brand worth considering. Some

c, meilianfeng

as one of the top ten furniture brands, meilianfeng's product quality is also worthy of everyone's trust. It is a brand from the United States. At present, it has established a good position in the markets of Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong. Therefore, meilianfeng is your best choice

d, Sunon

Sunon group is an enterprise integrating office furniture and living furniture. After several years of development, it has obtained 204 technical patents. At present, there are many sales outlets all over the country. The company advocates making office a pleasure, which is now a well-known trademark in China

2. How to choose a computer chair

first, check the quality of the lower cushion. After all, the cushion should be in direct contact with the human body, and the time is not short, so it is very important to choose a comfortable and breathable one. At present, there are two kinds of cushions on the market, sponge and mesh. Compared with sponge, sponge will be softer than mesh, but mesh will be more breathable than sponge, so everyone will decide according to their preferences

secondly, the back of the computer chair is also very important, because it is directly related to the health of our cervical spine. If the back of the chair is too loose, people can't fit the human trunk after sitting on it, which will make them uncomfortable. Over time, it is easy to bring fatigue, and even cause disease in serious cases

then, the height of the computer chair is also a part that cannot be ignored when selecting. We should test the lift when we choose to buy. Only smooth can help us get a comfortable experience. If the lifting feeling is blocked, such a computer chair cannot be selected

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is the introduction of which brand of computer sofa and chair is good and how to choose and buy computer chairs. I hope the content compiled by Xiaobian can help you buy satisfactory computer chairs, and thank you for reading at the same time




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