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Recently, a resident of Lingdong street, Huanggu District, Shenyang accidentally drilled and leaked a gas pipeline buried in the wall during decoration, resulting in gas leakage, which almost led to a safety accident

it is understood that in home decoration, users change gas pipelines privately from time to time. Because there is no professional design and construction, and there is no air tightness testing equipment, the safety of pipeline transformation cannot be guaranteed. Once the main line is moved, it is also easy to cause air leakage of other users. In addition, the pipeline is close to the fire source, and the gas meter and valve are decorated, which brings hidden dangers to the safety of gas use. Shenyang Gas Group reminds the general public not to privately change the gas pipeline just for beautiful decoration. If there is a need for pipeline transformation, you can call 96177 service line directly, and ask gas professionals to carry out standardized design and construction to ensure safety

who should I call for gas pipeline reconstruction

a netizen asked: when the home was redecorated, he wanted to move the location of the water heater and gas stove. It was about 5-6 meters away from the location of the gas meter. Originally, he planned to find a gas company to refit it. As a result, the gas company said that they didn't care about the reconstruction of the pipeline behind the gas meter, and asked them if it was OK to move the meter. As a result, he said that the meter can only be moved one meter on the basis of the current location. I'm puzzled that the gas company doesn't care about this or that, but also keeps saying that it should follow the specifications. Who should I ask for such a need

the gas company has made it clear that it is not responsible for the pipeline laying behind the meter. If it can, I will definitely let the gas company do it. Now I have no idea. If we let others do it, how can we ensure safety as much as possible. Home improvement website www.jiazhuang6 com




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