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Play with space design: Oushennuo customized home cup 3D design competition is hot

play with space design: Oushennuo customized home cup 3D design competition is hot

in the era of diversification, personalization and customization, are you still designing with "old posture"

with the new upgrade of osheno's online 3D cloud design system, "cumbersome operation? Slow drawing? Non intuitive effect?", These problems will no longer bother designers and consumers. 3D cloud design is an online space design system independently developed by Oushennuo ceramics. With powerful performance and huge material resources, it can fully meet the more diverse needs of users with efficient modes and vivid space scenes

in order to further deepen the application of 3D cloud design system and make consumers fully experience different personalized customization services, osheno ceramics launched a "osheno customized home cup 3D cloud design competition"

osheno customized home cup 3D cloud design competition is in full swing.

as a design competition for designers in more than 1000 stores across the country, the selection process of this competition includes three stages: work collection (ending on April 13), audition (April 13-23), and final selection (April 24-may 10). Representative works of designers from all over the country have been strictly selected through multiple levels, and finally the Gold Award (2), Silver Award (4) Bronze Award (6), excellent award (60). Excellent designers who have won gold, silver and copper can get places in Europe, Japan and Singapore respectively

At the same time, Oushennuo also specially invited Mr. Momo Andrea destro, founder of mddm studio in Italy, Mr. min Jingzhi, director of Korea space integrated architecture office, Ms. Alina valcare, founder of group GSA design office, Mr. Pan Hongbin, vice president of Hong Kong Interior Design Association Mr. Dong Hao, International Studio of Beijing Institute of architectural design, five design masters attended the judges of this competition

the registration of this 3D cloud design competition has been closed. Nearly 1000 participating designers across the country are fully preparing for the competition, and a space design feast is about to explode. The strong designers of all kinds directly touch each other, and the characteristic space is wonderful. World-class design masters watch and comment. How can you miss such a posture? Welcome to the "Oushennuo online" website to learn more about the competition

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