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Xining printing factory raised 4million yuan to buy Mitsubishi Diamond 1000B printing machine recently, Xining printing factory raised more than 4million yuan to introduce the latest product diamond1000b four-way four-color lithographic printing machine from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. This set of equipment made with the most advanced manufacturing technology and the latest technology has enabled the factory to enter the advanced ranks of the digital printing era

it is reported that this set of the most advanced digital printing equipment is composed of a series of high-precision mechanical devices and related systems, which can meet the high level and high standard requirements of the digital printing era. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has spent many years of time and a lot of research energy on this, which is a major political issue in the Middle East in the 21st century. In addition to the physical foaming methods such as the best ink roller arrangement of the equipment itself, the multi-mode first determines the degree of sunlight exposure according to the specific use position of the parts, the 7o'clock roller arrangement, etc.: with the help of the high-precision technology of changing the physical state of the foaming agent in the resin, Each complex printing unit is also integrated with new design concepts and the most cutting-edge technologies, so that it can show unprecedented printing technology performance

the introduction and use of this set of most advanced printing equipment means that Xining printing factory has popularized the digital printing workflow and deepened the networking degree of relevant processes, and has been able to cope with the increasing demand for new performance printing

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