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Precision casting process and auto parts manufacturing

"wax lost casting", an ancient process technology, has become more and more vigorous today with the rapid development of industrialization. The combination of traditional molding process and modern rapid development and application of new materials and new technologies has made the charm of precision casting process more fully displayed, and the application of precision casting process in auto parts manufacturing has also attracted more and more attention of the world

in recent years, China's economy has maintained a strong growth trend, and the automotive industry, as a national pillar industry and also a sunrise industry, has developed rapidly in recent years; Relevant data and research forecasts show that 4million vehicles were produced in 2003, an increase of 1million over 2002. In the next five years, the purchase of auto parts in China by the world's auto industry giants will reach 50billion US dollars, and the market potential is huge, which shows a broad development space for the relevant auto parts industry, including the precision casting industry. In particular, foreign peers are in the cognitive period of the application and development of precision casting technology in auto parts manufacturing, It also brings very good development opportunities for domestic enterprises that are using precision casting technology to design and manufacture automobile parts only according to the enterprise's material standards

development opportunities exist objectively. The key is whether the domestic precision casting industry can shorten the gap with foreign counterparts in casting quality and R & D technology through the rapid improvement of its comprehensive ability, so as to seize the opportunities and further give play to the extended advantages of precision casting process. At present, the overall quality level of domestic precision castings is not high, the precision casting enterprises are not familiar with international procurement standards, and the R & D capacity, technology and capital investment are seriously insufficient, which restricts the rapid development of China's precision casting enterprises in the manufacturing of auto parts. If this situation is not reversed as soon as possible, we will lose not only development opportunities, but also the survival tests we will face in the future. Dongfeng Precision Casting Co., Ltd., as a part of the development of the condenser of the refrigeration system of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd., has made some practical experience in the manufacturing and development of auto parts after nearly three decades of exploration, and is willing to discuss it with colleagues

I. development overview of precision casting industry at home and abroad and development trend of precision casting technology

(I) industry development overview

1. Current situation of precision casting industry at home and abroad

in 2003, the total output value of global precision castings was about $7billion

distribution region America, Europe, Asia, other average annual growth rates> 7.2%

accounts for 50% 25% 22% 3%

among them, the total output of precision castings in China in 2003 was 376000 tons, and the sales reached 6.85 billion yuan

- foreign precision casting industry domestic precision casting industry

product coverage aerospace, civil hardware, auto parts, agricultural machinery parts, mining machinery, hardware, etc.

product price ≥ 100000 yuan/ton ≤ 10000 yuan/ton

product added value is very high and low

per capita sales income of 1.6 million yuan 140000 yuan per person/year People/year

note: the application and development of precision casting technology in auto parts manufacturing in foreign countries are in the cognitive period

precision casting is a labor-intensive industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of industrial technology, especially the continuous improvement of the development and application level of new materials and new technologies associated with it, the precision casting industry has evolved into a labor-intensive and technology intensive composite industry. The superior performance price ratio and unparalleled "plasticity" of precision casting products have made its process extensibility advantage more and more concerned by the industry. In recent years, in the competition with other industrial manufacturing technologies, jjc/t 676 ⑴ 997 glass material experiment, the competitive advantage of precision casting technology is becoming increasingly obvious, such as "casting instead of forging", "casting instead of punching", "casting instead of processing", and so on, and its development prospect is promising

2. the trend of precision casting industry at home and abroad

precision casting is also a high energy consumption industry. With the strengthening of the control of developed countries over the environment and resources, as well as the gradual improvement of the legal system, policies and other trade environment after China's accession to the WTO, the trend of rapid transfer of the international casting industry to developing countries including China is irresistible. There must be "exchange" of technology, capital, labor and resources in the precision casting industry at home and abroad, Regardless of the rationality of this "exchange", this transfer objectively gives China a development opportunity to move forward from a large foundry country to a powerful foundry country. Similarly, the precision casting industry as a special casting industry will also usher in greater market space

relevant statistics at home and abroad show that in the past three years, the annual export growth rate of various domestic precision castings has remained at%; Foreign counterparts have an obvious trend of transferring production positions to China through wholly-owned factories and joint ventures with domestic enterprises. The annual growth rate of domestic and foreign-related precision casting enterprises is more than 8.2%

3. The application of precision casting technology in automobile parts manufacturing

the development history of the application of precision casting technology in automobile parts manufacturing in China is earlier than that in foreign countries, and the scale is larger than that in foreign countries; The application scope of precision castings in automotive parts manufacturing has expanded rapidly, which is specifically reflected in the diversification of automotive precision castings materials, the rapid expansion of product application systems, and so on. Taking Dongfeng Precision Casting Co., Ltd. as an example, this paper briefly describes the application and changes of precision casting technology in automobile parts manufacturing in recent three years

1) 2001-2003 Dongfeng commercial vehicle parts content changes

2) 2001-2003 Dongfeng commercial vehicle parts variety changes

3) 2001-2003 parts value changes

4) 2001-2003 castings application system changes

5) 2001-2003 parts material changes

from the above five tables can be seen: from 2001 to 2003, The development trend of precision casting technology used in auto parts manufacturing is good, not only in Dongfeng, but also in other domestic auto manufacturers such as Zhengzhou Yutong, Liuzhou Automobile, etc

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