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Precision measuring instruments escort the Olympic Games

at the end of July 2012, the quadrennial Olympic Games opened in London as scheduled. Athletes from more than 200 countries and regions came in droves to gather together and contribute one wonderful event after another to the grand event in the sports industry. During the Olympic Games, the precision detection instruments in the field of precision measurement, such as the two-dimensional image measuring instrument and the three coordinate measuring machine, were also unwilling to be lonely, escorting the success of the Olympic Games

when it comes to precision measuring instruments, we all know that their main purpose is precision detection. Precision measuring instruments and the Olympic games seem to be out of touch with many experts in the environment and building materials industry from the foreign cooperation center of the Ministry of environmental protection, Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Nordic Institute of product sustainability and environmental chemistry and toxicity. So what is the relationship between the two in the near future? Now we will analyze it step by step

for the Olympic Games, we know that each Olympic Games has dozens of major sports, and most of the events need certain Olympic venues. In the construction process of each Olympic venue, secondary image measuring instrument and coordinate measuring machine, which are precision detection instruments, have played their strengths. In the Olympic venues, the construction of each facility needs to be accurate, while some existing venues need to be repaired with high precision, so as to ensure the normal progress of the competition. As precise detection instruments, the existence of two-dimensional imager and three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument ensures the accurate construction of venues to the greatest extent. Therefore, two-dimensional and three-dimensional provide guarantee and basis for the preparatory work of the Olympic Games

on the other hand, in the process of the Olympic Games, the high-precision measuring instruments such as the two-dimensional imaging instrument and the three-dimensional measuring instrument also played a huge role. In the process of watching the Olympic broadcast on TV, we found that there will be a central large screen during the progress of each event, which provides a platform for the on-site audience to watch the event, so that every audience present can clearly understand every detail of the scene. For this kind of large screen, from research and development to production, it is inseparable from the support of precision measurement instruments such as quadratic element and three coordinates. Therefore, precision measuring instruments indirectly provide help for the Olympic Games in this regard

to sum up, whether it is the preparatory work for the Olympic Games, or the progress of the competition, whether it is to directly provide precision testing, or indirectly provide help for the further improvement of the market competitiveness of the competition. As the main instrument in precision testing, precision measuring instruments have played an irreplaceable role in finding out the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve point by point with the mouse in the successful holding of the Olympic Games. Similarly, from here, we can also draw a conclusion that precision measuring instruments such as quadratic image measuring instrument and coordinate measuring machine are closely related and inseparable with our life

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