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The development prospect of precision molds is broad.

many industries have increasingly higher requirements for molds, so the development of precision mold industry is gradually hot. With the vigorous development of electronic information industry and the Informatization Transformation of traditional production. 2. Polylactic acid (PLA) industry, the prospect of plastic mold market is broad, and the global high-end and precision plastic mold market is in short supply

in recent years, the manufacturing level of plastic molds in China has been greatly improved. The weight of a single set of large plastic molds has reached more than 50t, the accuracy of precision plastic molds has reached 3cm, and the plastic packaging molds with 7800 cavities in the first mock examination can be produced in multi cavity plastic molds, In terms of high-speed molds, we should increase the research and development of substitutes and produce high-speed plastic profile extrusion molds and main profile double cavity coextrusion molds with an extrusion speed of more than 4m/min

affected by various national policies and the continuous expansion of market space, the automobile, it industry, packaging and other industries have developed rapidly in recent years. They have not only made great progress in production capacity, but also made great progress in the high-end of these industries. Therefore, the above industries have strong mold demand in the three aspects of high, middle and low-end. Among them, some plastic parts of automobiles and it products need to be molded through molds before they can be sold as finished products

with the rapid development of the plastic industry and the continuous improvement of the strength of general and engineering plastics, the application scope of plastic products is also expanding, and the consumption of plastic products is also rising. It is understood that the output of plastic products in China was close to 60million tons in 2012, and it is still in the process of continuous growth. It can be seen that domestic demand has a huge driving force for China's plastic mold industry

according to Ninghai Mold Association, since, the county has actively encouraged enterprises to update technical equipment, vigorously promote process and product innovation, and guide qualified enterprises to expand from production links to R & D and sales of high value-added molds. There has been a new expansion in the manufacturing of large injection molds. Now it is able to produce complete sets of 8kg double cylinder washing machines, car bumpers Large complete sets of molds for automobile integral instrument panel, automobile interior trim parts and 65 inch rear projection TV casing molds

similar to the regional distribution of plastic processing industry in China, the plastic products processing industry in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta ranks in the forefront, and the output value of plastic molds in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong also accounts for 70% of the total output value of molds in China. With the rapid development of automobiles, household appliances, electronic communications and various building materials in China, it is expected that in the mold Market in the future, the proportion of plastic molds in the total number of molds will continue to increase gradually, and the development speed will be faster than that of other molds

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