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Recently, Xiamen Engineering Group organized a group of 12 backbones from R & D, quality control, production, technology and other departments to go deep into Luanchuan stone mine in Pingdingshan to carry out a week-long precision service improvement work

Luanchuan stone mine belongs to Pingdingshan Yinghao blasting Co., Ltd. the two ends of the sample must be parallel. The company undertakes urban demolition blasting, earthwork excavation and transportation, tunnel engineering construction, foundation engineering construction and other operations. The company has more than 150 sets of operation machinery and equipment, such as mining transport vehicles, Xiagong excavators and Xiagong intelligent, which have brought the rough measurement of cable faults into a new situation. Since its establishment, the company has formed an indissoluble bond with Xiamen industrial products. Last year, due to the expansion of business, it ordered a number of new smart excavators of XCMG at one go, comprehensively opening a new mode of intelligent operation of domestic mines

precise service improves Xiamen workers' action

compared with the general construction conditions, the mine operation environment is even worse, requiring high reliability of equipment, high operation efficiency and more timely service guarantee

after having a preliminary understanding of the operation and maintenance of Yinghao's equipment, the party directly came to the scene to check the use of the equipment

service site

check the pulse for the old man who has been fighting on the front line for many years. The open-pit mining industry is poor, and there are serious abrasive wear problems in the process of transporting minerals. In addition, the customer starts work 24 hours a day, and the people stop but the equipment cannot stop, so the requirements for equipment are higher. The staff of Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. communicated in detail with equipment managers and drivers to understand their needs, and made great efforts to give full play to the advantages of efficient, reliable and stable intelligent equipment of Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd

Xiamen workers in action

the staff carefully checked each equipment, checked the potential problems, eliminated hidden dangers for customers, explained and demonstrated the product maintenance from the same main researcher's three simulated test knowledge and points

after a week of continuous and effective communication, the staff of Xiamen Engineering Group Co., Ltd. put forward a total of 15 improvements on the site. By 1986, a proposal of 40000 tons had been reached, which greatly improved the inching, handling, leveling and rotation performance of the whole machine. They proposed to customers that daily maintenance needs to be rectified, and formulated a daily use and maintenance plan for the machine

check and repair carefully

in this regard, the head of Yinghao blasting company said: trust comes from brand strength, and it is a sustainable development of mutual benefit and win-win results. Xiamen workers will take the initiative to come to understand problems, solve problems, improve and innovate, and will surely take stronger steps and achieve better results on the new journey

precise service improves Xiamen workers' action

Xiamen workers will arrange technical service personnel to stay on the site in turn, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine every day, quickly solve the problems of the machine, further pass the "real-world" inspection, give full play to the technical advantages of Xiamen workers' products, seriously provide users with timely, convenient and fast services, and truly bring real value benefits to users, Can really get the recognition and support of users

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