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Precision testing instruments tend to be customized R & d

Guide: with the development trend of industrial automation and industrial upgrading in China, precision testing instruments tend to be more intelligent, automated and integrated. At the same time, in order to become an industrial power, China must also attach importance to R & D and innovation. Therefore, precision testing instruments developed in a targeted way have gradually become a panacea to solve the problem of high-precision testing of industrial products

precision testing instruments have been widely used in China since the 1990s, and have become the necessary equipment for the testing industry. In addition, compared with metal materials, zeniva peek materials. After three development stages: simple projector, two-dimensional image measuring instrument and high-end coordinate measuring machine, the current precision testing instruments tend to be more intelligent, automated and integrated, which solves the limitations of manual naked eye and caliper detection. The precision testing instruments developed according to the needs of the industry have gradually become a panacea to solve the problem of high-precision testing of industrial products

why can the precision electronic universal experimental machine test all materials? Many people don't understand that secret detection instruments are closely related to our daily life, and many people don't know much about it. Next, the author lists two simple examples, such as the smart touch screen, which is now popular with young people. The detection of glass cannot be separated from the use of secondary image measuring instrument. The thickness measurement of glass, flatness detection, ink thickness measurement, etc., all of which require the use of a quadratic imager. In addition, for our private car, the detection of the car body and the measurement of various parts are one of the applications of CMM. Only when each part of the car passes the test of CMM, can the car serve us normally

at present, through the high integration of software technology, machine vision technology and electronic technology, this kind of quadratic imager and CMM form a complete set of comprehensive testing equipment, which has been widely used in various industries of industrial testing. It can measure a variety of parameters at the same time, such as size, appearance, electrical performance, etc. This kind of testing equipment is usually non-standard testing equipment, which needs to be developed according to the industry characteristics or the special needs of customers, so it is also a precision testing equipment that really meets the needs of customers

this high-end testing equipment combines international high-end precision testing components, which can intelligently measure and record data and accurately screen good and bad products, which not only saves labor costs, but also upgrades the enterprise's production line and creates more profits. However, industry insiders believe that the current situation of China's precision inspection and replacement materials that will be used for heating and inkjet to allow normal droplet creation and measurement technology and instruments is still not ideal, mainly because such R & D enterprises are scarce resources in China

as a national high-tech enterprise and a recipient of the innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology, Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in domestic precision testing instrument providers, and proposes customized testing initiatives for the entire Chinese manufacturing industry. Lingbang instruments has accumulated a lot of technical experience in the field of automatic detection and precision detection, and developed a large number of precision detection instruments. The detection categories include size, appearance, mechanics, electricity, temperature, tightness, acoustic vibration, etc

with the R & D concept guided by technological innovation and demand-based innovation, lingbang instrument advocates to tailor the detection scheme according to the differences of customers' production lines, provide a complete set of solutions from consulting services to R & D services, help customers complete a complete set of turnkey projects from demand investigation to product delivery, and promote the transformation and upgrading of many industries, and strictly solve the batch detection problems of manufacturing production lines, It points out the direction for the production inspection of the whole manufacturing industry

lingbang instrument makes full use of the core role of equipment such as quadratic imager and coordinate measuring machine, and comprehensively applies the most advanced laser technology, virtual instrument technology, vision technology, electronic technology, etc. to customize and develop precision testing equipment for related product production lines. These customized testing equipment have a very high scientific and technological content, and its emergence makes the original a very cumbersome and complex work reliable and efficient

with the development trend of industrial automation and industrial upgrading in China, precision testing instruments developed in a targeted manner will have a large market space in the field of industrial testing. At the same time, China must also pay attention to R & D and innovation in order to become an industrial power

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