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High precision and low energy consumption: Nexant creates a top-notch brand

the world trend is vast, and technology flows rapidly in the global market with capital flow, talent flow and information flow. In this era of globalization, innovation has never been done behind closed doors. Dongguan Nexant is well aware of the way, sizing up the situation, boldly introducing foreign advanced technology, and combining the actual situation of our country, it has developed a world trend, which is vast and mighty, and the technology flow, along with the capital flow, talent flow and information flow, flows rapidly in the global market. In this era of globalization, innovation has never been done behind closed doors. Dongguan saisente is well aware of the way, assesses the situation, boldly introduces foreign advanced technology, and combines the actual situation of our country to develop products with the advantages of high precision and low energy consumption

Nexant factory

all along, "paying attention to details and pursuing quality" has been the management philosophy of Dongguan Nexant, which runs through every detail of product production and jointly promotes the improvement of industrial chain and industrial technological progress. The innovative thinking of saisent can be summarized as the "three no" principle: "not closing the door" - integrating world resources with an open attitude; "Non exclusion" -- combine advanced technologies at home and abroad to carry out the construction of independent brands; "No violation" - comply with relevant international laws on intellectual property protection

as an EU CE certified manufacturer, it has a professional overseas sales team and a strong domestic sales team. It is exported to Europe, America and other countries, and has created a comprehensive and open innovation highland for the booster pump market. Its main products include: pneumatic gas booster pump, pneumatic liquid booster pump, air drive air booster pump, air booster valve, pneumatic booster pump, pneumatic booster pump, pressure gauge fatigue pressure test bench, static pressure blasting test bench, pulse blasting test bench, air tightness test bench, gas cylinder detection line, cng/lng vehicle modification detection equipment, high-pressure needle valve fittings and gas-liquid booster cylinder, which does not affect the inspection of pneumatic rivetless riveting machine, Bolt and nut riveters are widely used in pneumatic hydraulic industry, machine tool industry, automobile manufacturing industry, aerospace, household appliances, petrochemical industry, and made into sofa covers. C. when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, ng automobile refitting, pressure detection, and university research units

pneumatic booster pump

pneumatic booster system

Nexant's products can be summarized into the following characteristics: 1 Under any predetermined pressure, the machine can maintain this pressure before exhausting energy and generating heat; 2. Full pneumatic operation without power supply; No danger of heat, flame or sparks; 3. Stepless speed change output; 4. Easy to use automatic controller; 5. Continuous start/stop operation without restriction or adverse effects; 6. Pneumatic does not need external lubricants, which saves operating costs and prevents oil and gas from polluting the surrounding environment; 7. Light and reliable, easy to maintain and durable

in open innovation, Nexant has gathered global R & D forces to play a "Chinese influence" for the development of the global industry

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