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Precision mold repair cold welding machine (imitation laser welding machine)

sh-01 precision Southeast Asia shipping activities cold and dense mold repair cold welding machine sh-01 precision repair welding machine is a newly developed welding machine specialized in high-precision welding repair. Due to the adoption of inverter power supply and patented technology, the welding repair current and time of the welding machine are accurately controlled, and it can operate stably under the condition of very small current. Make welding of small parts possible. It is a more professional and precise repair welding equipment. 1. The outstanding advantage of LFT under the extremely small heat shadow is: high stiffness and strength. I'll explain to you here how much test bar the 300KN tensile testing machine can test. Thanks to the precise start-up and precise setting of current (a) time (MS), the positive input energy is only enough for the fusion between welding wire and workpiece, and there will not be too much energy acting on the workpiece. The influence of heat will be minimized, So as to achieve the ideal repair effect. 2. Welding extremely thin thickness because the other type is calculated directly according to the test strength of corrugated board, the minimum welding current can operate stably at 2a, so the minimum thickness of welding is correspondingly reduced to 0.01mm. 3. Precise repair welding of small parts due to the welding repair current, the time is accurately controlled, the current can operate stably in a short time, and the precise small parts can also get ideal repair welding. 4. Extremely high bonding degree this welder belongs to the process of welding, and the material and matrix achieve metallurgical fusion. The bonding degree after welding is very high. It can be applied to all kinds of processing methods, and there will be no loose connection and falling off of other welders after welding. 5. It is applicable to the dents, holes, holes, fine seams, grooves, corners, lines, peaks, trachomas in the repair welding plane of different parts, and the dents around the general welding machine after welding. Repair welding of dies after EDM, nitriding and soft nitriding treatment. Welcome friends from all walks of life to use our products and put forward valuable suggestions. We are committed to making our products and services perfect

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