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Precision: the fastest linkage line in China Cambridge

chinaprint2013 exhibition, which has attracted the attention of the global printing industry, was held in Beijing. Its research focuses on chemical sensors, biosensors and biological interfaces, the integration of GRM and semiconductor devices, passive components for RF utilization, the integration of silicon photonics, high-frequency electronics, optoelectronics, sensors, flexible electronics, etc, This five-day industry event attracted more than 1300 exhibitors and more than 180000 visitors. The exhibition not only displayed advanced equipment and technology, but also brought new wind vanes to the industry. In this exhibition, there are five precision solutions. So do you know the function and operation steps of the zigzag experimental machine? Let's take a look at it together with 1, which shows the power of precision as a leader in the field of post press binding

on the second day of the exhibition, the precision reached the booth and the frequency transmission was convenient. Jingda cambridge-12000 linkage line will be settled in Hunan Huashang culture and Commerce Co., Ltd. and a grand signing ceremony was held at the exhibition site. Mr. Zheng bin, chairman of the board of directors, said that the production line is a high-speed glue binding linkage line with high automation and production speed of 12000 books/hour. It is the set of equipment with the highest production speed and automation in the domestic glue binding linkage line at present. Its ultra-high speed can help customers greatly improve production efficiency and win greater profit space

group photo of the signing ceremony between Jingda and Hunan Huashang culture and Commerce Co., Ltd.

(general manager of Hunan printing materials Co., Ltd. on the left, Mr. Zhang Guanghui of Hunan Huashang culture and Commerce Co., Ltd. in the middle, and Mr. Zheng bin of Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd. on the right)

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