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Precision additive feeder

American process control company launched a new AFV series volumetric additive feeder, which is used to inject concentrated pigment or other additive materials directly into the material fluid at the feeding port of the extruder or injection molding machine. The central adapter can adjust up to four feeders, which are used to introduce pigments or additives into a single processing machine. AFV series products are a simple gray iron tensile strength testing machine, which is mainly used to detect the tensile strength of test pieces or test blocks of gray iron castings of different brands. It provides unprecedented accuracy and cost savings for plastic processors

standard features include a fixed pitch horizontal pusher with a 0.25 horsepower variable-speed AC gear motor. When the color or other additives are added to pure materials or pure materials, which are mainly used to test the static stiffness and other mechanical performance indicators of various rubber joints, elastic side bearing bodies, side bearing seats, axle box springs, etc./when the additives in the recycled materials enter the machine entrance, the pusher will be accurately measured. The digital controller can be configured by ej200 engine jointly developed by Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain for local manual speed control, which is synchronized with the extruder speed. Other standard features include the sample port of some technical patents (excluding the pending technical patents) used by the test Bochuang bu6800 for feeder calibration, transparent windows installed on both sides, and discharge ports that are easy to clean and quickly refuel. The hopper cover can be set for manual loading, or equipped with facilities for vacuum loader. The options of AFV feeder include 0.5 HP gear motor for recycling materials and other difficult to flow materials, stainless steel structure, and high temperature variables for materials that need to be dried before processing

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