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Precise prevention of burr dissociation

workpieces with complex shapes often contain machining positions with poor accessibility. The inertia lines of the back edge, cavity and inner cavity cross holes are not a big deal for machining. However, when it comes to deburring these inaccessible positions, many people feel helpless, because it is not easy to complete precise deburring without affecting the material. Using traditional deburring methods, such as mechanical method, high temperature method, or water spray method, it is difficult to achieve the expected efficiency, economy, or uniformity. In large and medium-sized batch production, the burr in the inner cavity will seriously affect the performance of the workpiece, so the deburring quality has become the focus of attention. At the same time, there is also a technical problem in the practice of deburring, which is the so-called secondary deburring: that is, when deburring with ordinary machining method, subsequent burring or burring phenomenon will be formed, that is, burr dissociation, resulting in undefined processing state in advance. Therefore, EMAC ECM electrochemical processing Co., Ltd., the former Dorner, has impact properties mainly related to Delta- Ferrite related Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and research of electrochemical deburring

ecm - electrochemical machining method

compared with EDM, electrochemical machining method is a relatively soft electrochemical machining method, and sparks will not be formed in the machining process. During processing, the workpiece is connected to the positive pole of the DC or pulse power supply as the anode, and the tool is connected to the negative pole of the power supply as the cathode. There is a certain working gap between the cathode and anode, and the charge flows to the cathode and anode through the electrolyte. The commonly used electrolytes are sodium nitrate and sodium chloride. After power on, the metal ions on the surface of the workpiece are dissolved and form metal hydroxide with the electrolyte, which is filtered out from the electrolyte. The shape of the shaping tool as cathode can be matched according to the processing requirements. In this way, the metal material can be dissolved without adding any mechanical force or high-temperature load to the workpiece, and the process of deburring at fixed points can be completed. The advantages can be seen. Due to the limited processing of specific parts of the workpiece, even parts with extra toughness or extra hard can be accurately deburred, and the uniformity is excellent

deburring the pump body of fuel injection accumulator technology is an example of deburring complex parts. At first glance, I think that the machining and deburring of the pump body are common technologies today, which are not worth mentioning. However, we can find that controlling the whole production process is the key to achieve economic and effective production. EMAC group can provide the whole process chain from turning, automatic workpiece conveying to deburring, that is, all technical interfaces are in the charge of one contact person. This project management mode is very important for deburring process. Because although deburring is only a trivial matter, it will become a major event in an instant if it is not carefully considered in advance. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the cutting direction must be determined when formulating the process or processing flow. Only in this way can the purpose of precise deburring be achieved economically and effectively. In the previous production practice, deburring, as the last process, is a self-contained and independent process, so whether it is mechanical deburring or other deburring methods, the equipment cost is very high; If electrochemical deburring technology is adopted, when changes occur, the cost of changing fixtures and cathode tools is also expensive. Today, Emak group can promise users that when processing such parts as pump bodies in the future, it can formulate the best process and processing scheme including deburring for users at the beginning of the project, so as to provide users with the most economical means of production

cylinder processing of high-pressure fuel injection system is no exception. The working pressure of the oil cylinder of the oil injection system is up to 2000 bar. When machining the oil cylinder, deburr or smooth the different oil hole parts of the oil cylinder to make it reach the high required surface finish. In the face of this high demand processing, Emak electrochemical machining Co., Ltd. specially developed a special pulse electrochemical machining process to achieve the best surface finish through specific pulse shape and current density, providing users with a cost-effective way to deburr

contactless machining and economic effectiveness under the new concept

electrochemical machining method can not only accurately deburr or make the workpiece surface smooth, but also very economical and effective. Because the fixture can clamp several workpieces at the same time and process them in parallel, the beat time can be designed according to the capacity demand, and the shortest beat time can be less than 10 seconds. Emak has provided users with a solid electrochemical deburring equipment for processing the oil cylinder mentioned above, which can process multiple workpieces at the same time through one machine, and has been highly praised by users; According to the workpiece status, Emak also provides users with deburring equipment that can process up to 25 workpieces at a time

in terms of quality assurance, EMAC electrochemical processing Co., Ltd. finally chose the load sensor company, which also showed their extraordinary technical strength, and developed a special power control technology to independently monitor each cathode. In this way, the amount of charge flowing through each cathode can be monitored at any time, so as to indirectly monitor the amount of metal dissolved on the surface of the workpiece

the advantages of electrochemical deburring method are less tool wear, precise deburring, no contact between workpiece and tool, and economic and effective processing. The integration of these advantages and a variety of medalist formulas provided by teknor apex will add icing on the cake to the whole process scheme of emark group and benefit users infinitely

PECM - precision electrochemical machining

precision electrochemical machining launched by Emak electrochemical machining Co., Ltd. is the distillation of ordinary electrochemical machining and a higher-level electrochemical machining. Where "P" is the first letter of English "precise", which means precision. The processing quality of this method mainly depends on the quality of the current pulse power supply and the precision and rigidity of the equipment. Through patented pulse power technology, vibrating cathode (cutter) and precision vibrating mechanical control technology (10 μ m) The perfect combination of, effectively and accurately control the machining gap, so that the accuracy of single pulse or group pulse processing reaches the extreme (the highest repetition accuracy can reach ▲ μ m. It can be used for mirror processing, and the best surface roughness can reach ▲ ra0.05 μ m. At the same time, the processing accuracy of 3D molding can be controlled within ▲ μ M)

interesting points

electrochemical machining and precision electrochemical machining have been widely used. In addition to the automotive industry, they are also widely used in aerospace and precision medical equipment manufacturing. (end)

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