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"Precision everything, smart drive the future" Atlas Copco helps the development of the measurement industry

"precision everything, smart drive the future" Atlas Copco helps the development of the measurement industry

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(Chenzhou, Hunan, China, December 5, 2019) December 3-5, 2019, The 2019 annual meeting of the national force hardness gravity measurement technical committee (the "Technical Committee") and the procedure approval meeting were successfully held in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, a city in the forest with a long history. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Wu Shuqing, Secretary General of the national force value hardness measurement technical committee. More than 120 members and representatives from provincial and municipal metrology institutes and relevant units gathered in the conference room of Chenzhou international hotel to express their views, which has a positive guiding significance for further promoting the improvement of the gravity verification level of force value hardness in the industry

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Yue, chairman of the technical committee, and Li Tingyuan, vice chairman of the technical committee, made a speech. They expressed their sincere gratitude to all members and representatives for coming from afar, and mentioned that with the rapid development of the world today, it is particularly important to do a good job in the measurement work of relevant disciplines and the examination and approval of measurement technical specifications under the new situation and challenges. Following that, Secretary General Wu introduced the achievements of the Committee in 2019 and made a summary report on the work of the Secretariat. As an experienced expert in the field of tightening technology, Atlas Copco participated in the meeting

the meeting reviewed and approved the "bending test machine calibration specification (Revision)", "static uniaxial test machine calibration specification - force value part (formulation)", "static uniaxial test machine calibration specification - deformation part (formulation)", static uniaxial test machine calibration specification - displacement speed part (formulation) "," working torque machine calibration specification (formulation) " "Measurement traceability and transfer diagram of plastic ball hardness measuring instruments (Revised)" and "calibration specification of absolute gravimeter". The meeting passed the examination and approval of the above seven procedures and specifications, and put forward specific amendments and review opinions on these procedures and specifications

it can be seen that every specification and procedure has been strictly examined and approved again and again from formulation to implementation, which has also condensed the painstaking efforts of all expert members

electric and pneumatic torque wrenches are widely used not only in automotive, high-speed rail, aerospace and other industries closely related to people's travel, but also in household appliances, consumer electronics, energy, water conservancy, construction and other industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. They are important equipment for assembly. With the wide use of such equipment and the establishment and promotion of technical standards, the preparation of measurement technical specifications has become increasingly urgent. Led by Henan Academy of metrology, the first domestic calibration specification for power tightening tools: JJF "calibration specification for electric and pneumatic torque plates" came into being, filling the gap of relevant domestic standards. Atlas Copco, as the only foreign-funded enterprise, had the honor to participate in the drafting of the specification. As a leader and innovator in the industry of industrial tools and assembly systems, Atlas Copco has always pursued and implemented the standardization of torque wrench calibration and measurement and the transfer of professional tightening technical knowledge

Atlas Copco took part in this meeting with a full set of solutions for QA 4.0 platform (including stbench torque meter integrating JJF standard, such as demand car, stpalm torque meter, IRC connector wireless connector, irtt-b rotary sensor, etc.) and presented them. Experts from provincial and municipal measurement institutes and predecessors showed great interest in this platform and its products, And we have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with our measurement product experts

"the wireless connector cooperates with the rotary torque sensor to return the torque wrench detection data to the torque detector wirelessly, which avoids the inconvenience and potential safety hazards of the inspectors having to move along with the production line with the torque detector when the torque wrench detection is carried out in the automobile assembly line. This is the trend that measurement can greatly improve the effectiveness of experimental detection in the future", Luo Xin, a teacher from Beijing Institute of Metrology and testing, said

irc connector wireless connector has more advantages than this. As early as 2015, a joint venture brand automobile factory adopted the scheme of testing multiple electric bolt tightening machines at the same time with multiple IRC connector wireless connectors and irtt-b sensors. This scheme not only improves the calibration efficiency of bolt tightening machines, but also reduces the difference between the results of single axle calibration and multi axle use

"Atlas Copco has developed a measurement standard that fully meets the requirements of the specification in the two years since the release and implementation of the JJF specification, and integrated the JJF standard and report template into the measurement equipment, greatly simplifying the workflow of measurement personnel, abandoning paper calibration records, and playing a positive role in the promotion and development of the specification", the first drafter of the JJF calibration specification, Wang Guangjun, chief engineer of Henan Academy of metrology, spoke highly of the core product stbench of Atlas Copco qa4.0 platform

Atlas Copco has always been committed to providing customers with all kinds of tightening tools and measuring products that meet their needs, promoting the standardization and standardization of torque and angle measurement, constantly deepening the exchange and cooperation with measurement institutes and enterprise users at all levels, bringing advanced ideas and products at home and abroad to customers and partners, and helping the development of the industry. Mr. Tang Dan, an expert of Atlas Copco measurement products, said

Atlas Copco industrial technology business field

great ideas stimulate innovation. In the field of Atlas Copco industrial technology business, we cooperate with customers to transform industrial concepts into intelligent production and assembly solutions, and adjust solutions and innovative industrial tools according to the above methods. Our passionate employees, professional knowledge and services bring sustainable value to all walks of life. Atlas Copco Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers in more than 180 countries and about 37000 employees. The operating revenue in 2018 was SEK 95billion (EUR 9billion)

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