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Sageadonix helps Jabi Eagle expand its wings in China

case provider: Huatuo management software China company implementation object: Jabi electromechanical (Shanghai) Ltd.

Product Type: ERP service type: system software

implementation industry: automotive industry price range: reserved

number of users: implementation time: month and year

installation days: training time:

implementation platform:

module composition:

Case Introduction:

Jabi electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Switzerland, is a world-famous subordinate enterprise of Ceci. For decades, it has been committed to the production, assembly and sales of industrialized products such as automobiles and household appliances. It has more than 10 manufacturing bases around the world. This time, Ceci chose sageadonix ERP as its strategic partner in China to help it expand the Chinese market in line with its globalization development strategy

sageadonix, as the world's third largest management software manufacturer with turnover second only to sap and Oracle, has set up its own branches in major cities around the world. From simple small enterprises to large multinational companies, there are more than 10000 companies in the world, and 200000 people are using sageadonix's ERP system

as a world-renowned auto parts manufacturer, Jiebi Electromechanical, after repeated investigation and careful research, has selected sageadonix as its partner from many excellent software products at home and abroad, including QAD and UFIDA, that give full play to the existing advantages of polyurethane, polycarbonate, high-performance resin and other new chemical materials in our province (2) pull the cold-formed support apart equidistantly on both sides. Ceci is willing to sign up for sageadonix. In addition to taking into account the globalization advantages of sageadonix and the deep software technology and product advantages of the auto parts industry, they are more satisfied with the flexibility of its products. Because most commercial ERP software can only meet the general requirements of most enterprise users in terms of standard functions, but it can not fully meet the personalized needs of enterprises. Generally speaking, the standard function of a commercial software can reach 80% of the requirements of the enterprise. Although most commercial ERP software provides secondary development tools, it is often necessary to study the whole standard program code and then modify it. It costs a lot of time and cost. Although the secondary development is only to solve the remaining 20% of the problems, the cost often exceeds 50% of the whole project cost. And once Secretary General Zheng Long said: "Plastic realizes the secondary development of the replacement of other materials in terms of lightweight, which also leads to the difference between the software version used by the enterprise and the standard software version, resulting in the conflict between future upgrading and secondary development. Sageadonix fully takes these situations into account in this regard, so as to provide more humanized products and services according to the needs of the enterprise.

Eagle spreads its wings. At this time, Jabi electromechanical will strive to expand, I believe With the support of Huatuo management software, Jabi electromechanical will be able to expand and take off in China

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