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Safetybus 7. Do not disassemble this machine p without authorization and connect it to Ethernet safetynet P, which will immediately bring you safety protection.

Pilz company released a safe and open bus system safetybus in 1999, which set a standard for the safety network of factories and mechanical equipment that focuses on the characteristics of Ryton PPS, and timely solved the problem of difficult work. Safetybusp has been proved in the most extensive industrial fields and thousands of application cases all over the world

Pilz company has set a high starting point for the transformation of safetybusp to Ethernet Technology: safetynetp is an integrated system that combines safety related standard control and motion control applications; With real-time capability, it is a very flexible and open system to other networks and applications, maintaining the consistent principle of Pilz company

due to its real-time capability, safetynetp can even meet the highest requirements, such as the drive control of those multi axis systems

it can also scan the topology of the whole system. This makes it easy for the system to check the network structure and provide users with status diagnosis information about their factories and mechanical equipment, as well as additional information about the status of the communication chain

safetynetp can provide users with a flexible topology, which makes it perfect for all types of applications. Another feature of safetynetp is its high degree of decentralization. The information of the controller is transmitted locally to the field level, which improves the performance of the system and increases the flexibility of the whole system. Therefore, safetynetp meets the requirements of decentralized control functions, but still maintains a highly integrated architecture

due to the benefits brought by the openness of safetynetp, it can be implemented in parallel with other industrial Ethernet protocols, such as ethernet/ip4 Cement mortar mixer or profinet/io. "We will maintain the concept of openness, so users will not feel constrained when considering how to implement their own systems," said Renate Pilz, executive director of Pilz. "By making safetynetp fully compatible with existing safetybusp applications, we further protect our customers' investments."

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